Winter Vacations In California

Winter Vacations In California California is one of the greatest American tourist destinations. In fact it is one of the few cities that offer winter activities as well as enjoy the beach by soaking up the sun.

Enjoy the winter sport activities like skiing and snowboarding which is why California is so famous for. There is a list of things to do and visit in your winter vacations in California.

Visit the Desert Hot Springs

Desert Hot springs is the hub of luxurious resorts and spas. Located in the San Bernardino Mountains, Desert hot springs is a definite choice for a holiday. Visit the educational park and the hot springs park that offers clean and pure drinking water to the whole area.

There are other sports to engage yourself into such as golf, tennis, cycling and horse riding. Enjoy the live musical concerts, cultural activities and museums at night.

Desert Hot Springs

The USP of this place is its serene and calm environment that makes it a perfect winter destination in California.

Enjoy The wildlife in Yosemite National Park

How about spending your winter vacations in California’s very first wildlife park? You’d find many families vacationing at this park which houses numerous activities for adults and kids. Spread over thousands of square kilometers, this park is visited by 4-5 million tourists.

yosemite national park

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Most of them come to have a great time in the Yosemite Valley, a heritage site famous for its wetlands, waterfalls and meadows. It harbors beautiful rock formations, cliffs of granite and huge sequoias. The best time to visit during winters is from December to March. Make sure you have a well versed guide to make you familiar to the forest, for further details log onto the park’s official website.

The Gorgeous Lake Tahoe

This largest fresh water lake in the Sierra Nevada mountains is kniwn for its crystal clear water. A perfect place for adventure enthusiasts, Lake Tahoe offers many outdoor and indoor activities in summer and winters. Book one of the beautiful ski resorts and get your winter holiday start in style.

Gorgeous Lake Tahoe

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Snowboarding and skiing are amongst the most played winter sports not forgetting climbing hiking and cycling. Very close to Nevada are many casinos to entertain the gamblers. Lake Tahoe is definitely a one stop winter destination in California.

It is well connected with the highways and thanks to numerous budget and luxury resorts, this place can be ideal for any pocket. Be it family or a honeymoon couple, Lake Tahoe sweeps you off your feet through its beauty and calmness of the air.

The City of San Diego

The USP of San Diego is its climate not forgetting the amount of activities it offers during a winter vacation in California. This is one of the largest cities of California and it’s truly an entertainment city. Visit the Sea World, Wild Animal Park and Legoland.

City of San Diego

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San Diego’s beaches, resorts, water sports and friendly people make it one of the top winter destinations in America.
Apart from these places, have a tour to the Disneyland resort, the famous Hollywood, Napa Valley or the exciting Los Angeles.

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