Winnipeg Travel

Winnipeg – often called the entrance to Western Canada, is the capital of Manitoba – a Canadian province. Playing host to people from culturally diverse backgrounds, Winnipeg is know to have a welcoming spirit.

So, if you want to enjoy a warm, cosmopolitan community that also has an unmatched international flair, Winnipeg would be your ideal bet.

You can reach Winnipeg easily by air, rail or land. This place has a continental climate where the winter temperatures can dip as low as -12 degrees Celsius while the temperature during the months of summer usually reads +26 degrees Celsius. Thanks to its northern location, you can get almost 16 hours of sunlight if you visit Winnipeg during summer.

Winnipeg has a lot to offer to almost everyone. Some of the best ways explore the land is to book yourself for some guided walking tours that take you to the various historical spots like the Manitoba Museum, Winnipeg Art Gallery, CMHR (Canadian Museum for Human Rights) etc. You can even visit the Winnipeg Public Library, which has 20 branches all over the city. Interpretive tours and river boat excursions also find many takers amongst tourists.

The murals on various Winnipeg buildings, fire hydrants and switch posts of traffic lights are also famous amongst tourists. If you check the downtown area and some of the suburban areas, you will find many murals on the side walls that show school art projects, historical paintings, or images that are parts of beautification projects.

If you are a food connoisseur, your Winnipeg travel can give you the chance to embark on a mouthwatering culinary tour. So, whether it’s some spicy noodles sold at the Thai street shops or authentic Ukrainian perogies that you want to taste, you can have them all at this place. The wide range of food served at the restaurants of Winnipeg stand testimony to the city’s diverse culture.

When it comes to shopping, the large suburban shopping malls like the Lululemon, The Gap, Aritzia, The Bay, Aldo, and West 49 offer everything that you may want to buy. You may even explore some of the unique neighborhoods of Winnipeg known for their trendy boutiques and one-of-a-kind shops.

So, plan your Winnipeg travel judiciously to enjoy a fun filled holiday and explore what the place has to offer.