Visiting The Various Ghost Town Attractions In Georgia

Ghost Town Attractions In Georgia Georgia is one of the most scenic states in the country of North America. It is home to a large number of ghost towns that serve as a powerful magnet for tourists.

The ghost town attractions in Georgia are basically cities, towns or neighborhoods which exist but have been abandoned completely by their residents.

If you are a tourist in Georgia then you should definitely visit and explore the many ghost towns of the state. There are numerous areas in the state that have been very well preserved and which are now regarded as historic sites and national monuments.

Ghost Towns in Georgia

Visit the Fort Frederica National Monument

One of the most famous ghost town attractions in Georgia that you should visit during your travels in the state is the Fort Frederica National Monument. This is located in the Saint Simons Island in the south eastern coast of Georgia. It is home to the renowned Fort Frederica.

This fort, as well as, the surrounding town was constructed during the early eighteenth century in order to protect the inhabitants from the troops of the Spanish Armada. As many as seven hundred British troops were stationed at this fort and as many as five hundred residents had occupied the town.

fort frederica national monument

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In the middle of the eighteenth century the town witnessed economic decline and a terrible fire, following which it was abandoned by its residents. In the year 1936, Fort Frederica was declared as a national monument. In the year 1947 an excavation of the site was started.

When you are a visitor to this town you can opt for one of the guided tours in order to understand the significance of the different historical buildings in the town like the barracks of Fort Frederica.

You can also visit the museum in the park which contains artifacts that were discovered during the excavation of Fort Frederica.

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Visit Fort McAllister Historic Park

If you wish to explore the ghost town attractions in Georgia one destination that you must make it a point to visit is the Fort McAllister Historic Park. This is a fort that was constructed in the year 1861 so as to protect Georgia from the attacks of the Union Ships.

fort mcallister historic park

The fort defended numerous attacks successfully for a period of three years. In the year 1864 the fort fell to the Union Army. When you are a visitor at the Fort McAllister Historic Park, you can explore the famous earthwork fortifications.

Andersonville Historic Site

There is also a very famous Civil War Museum at the park which you can visit in order to understand the history of the Fort. The Andersonville National Historic site is also one of the ghost town attractions in Georgia that you should visit during your travel in the state.

Andersonville Historic Site

This was previously a military prison that operated during the period of the Civil War. As a visitor over here, you can witness the prison confinements as well as learn about this camp and its inmates.

You can visit many such nice ghost town attractions in Georgia if you plan your trip judiciously.