Visiting The Breaux Bridge

The Breaux Bridge is a place where the visitors can find many new things to do and side by side, they can taste the rich culture and history of the place. The place is full of legacy along with different but interesting facts and legends that make the people spellbound for a long time.

It is the place where the visitors will find a perfect balance of culture, tradition, modernity, good food and lots of action to do. Briefly, the place symbolizes the ecstasy of existence. A footbridge was constructed from the rope and the planks of the oak tree for the passing of people.

Then gradually in 1817, a vehicular bridge was constructed. Still there were many problems among the local people and then gradually Breaux Bridge was established.  In addition, gradually the place came into the light of discussion.

Crawfish is the main attractive cookery in the place. The flavor of the crawfish is simply fabulous.  Now some of the well-known crawfish restaurants are established in this place. The tourists must taste the awesome crawfish of the place and must witness the popular crawfish festival organized in Breaux Bridge. This festival attracts many visitors from all over the world.

Many years have rolled down but the bridge is the main attraction of the town. The bridge is the highlight of the state and still many people use this bridge for the daily needs. There are many good hotels are found in the place and they are quite ready to be in service of the tourists. The visitors must try the crawfish, seafood, syrup cakes and delicious pies in the Breaux Bridge.

The tourists will get the chance to try in different types of outdoor activities. Different types of outdoor sports are arranged for the tourists. Besides the sports, one can trot in the soothing forests. The place is full of entertainments and amusements and hence the phrase “ecstasy of existence” is quite justified.

Hence, the Breaux Bridge is quite popular among the tourists for its bona fide Cajun culture. The place is surely a dream destination for the tourists.