Visit The Cultural Treasures Of Hong Kong

Many of us would be familiar with Hong Kong’s high rise buildings and fast increasing financial and business centers on the international front.

However, there is another face to this Asian city that is rarely explored, a face that showcases over 100 years of cultural history and heritage, a face that sets the bustling city of Hong Kong apart from other similar countries in Asia, and a face that brings forward the unique blend of Asian, Western and Eastern cultures practiced by the people of this peaceful city who get along with the old and new beautifully!

The Cultural Treasures Of Hong Kong

Hong Kong prides itself in the fact that it beautifully blends the past with the present to create a contemporary future for its residents. Visitors to the city would love the way the residents embrace the hustle and bustle of a modern, metro lifewith age old traditions and festivals that offer visitors a unique cultural experience.

Visit the Hong Kong

There are numerous museums, temples, colonial buildings and art galleries in Hong Kong that boast of its rich cultural heritage. And if you want to get the best out of your visit, it is highly recommended that you opt for a renowned tour operator who would take you to the best sites in the city. Your accommodation would also be taken care of according to your travel itinerary.

Here are some of the best cultural attractions in Hong Kong that you definitely need to visit while you visit the city.

The Hong Kong Heritage Museum

Divided into three equally stunning branches, the Hong Kong Heritage Museum is a government supported cultural institution that showcases exhibits that point out the rich culture, heritage and history of Hong Kong.

Visit the Cultural Treasures of Hong Kong

Like a breath of fresh air that reminds the people of Hong Kong (and visitors) about their origins and the ways of their ancestors, the Hong Kong Heritage Museum also organizes interactive programs, theater shows and talks, and exhibitions on a regular basis for its visitors. There is also a museum café that allows guests to relax while touring the museum.

The Hong Kong Heritage Museum is divided into three branches which include the Sam Tung Uk Museum, the Hong Kong Railway Museum and the Sheung Yiu Folk Museum.

The Sam Tung Uk Museum

A must visit on your cultural trip to Hong Kong is the historic Sam Tung Uk Museum. Housing an entire village, complete with the entrance, ancestral and assembly halls and original houses (12 in number), the Sam Tung Uk Museum enables visitors to get a close glimpse of the daily lives of the people who resided in the Hakka Village.

Cultural Treasures of Hong Kong

The exhibits showcased in the museum include the objects used by the villagers on a daily basis and several ancient implementations made by the villagers on the agricultural front. The museum also houses an exhibition hall, a lecture hall, an orientation room and a huge reception area for guests.

The Hong Kong Railway Museum

Supported by Hong Kong’s Leisure and Cultural Service Department, the Hong Kong Railway Museum is a treat for the eyes and offers several interesting railway exhibits for visitors.

Treasures of Hong Kong

Housed inside a single beautifully decorated room, the museum showcases several models of trains and train tickets. Some of the more interesting models include those of the Japanese Shinkansen, the Eurostar and the KCR trains. The museum also showcases a wide variety of locomotives and coaches.

The Sheung Yiu Folk Museum

Once a fortified village, the Sheung Yiu Folk Museum is located on the Pak Tam Chung Nature Trail in the Sai Kung Country Park. Stretching over 500 square meters, the museum dates back to the 19th century when it operated as a real village.

Cultural  of Hong Kong

The actual museum did not open to the public till 1984 though, and did so only after the entire village and its neighboring area was declared as national monuments. Today, the museum is open to visitors and showcases the rich culture and history of the region.

The Hong Kong Museum of Art

Under the supervision of the Leisure and Cultural Service Department of Hong Kong, the Hong Kong Museum of Art is a cultural institution and museum that houses over 15000 interesting art exhibits from the city and the surrounding regions. These artifacts include ancient paintings, prized treasures and several works of calligraphy. The museum also showcases several interactive and educational programs for its visitors.

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