Visit Lake Titicaca, Peru

One place where you should go while you are visiting Peru is Lake Titicaca. The lake is situated right in the middle of Andes. Its size is quite massive, almost 8000 square kilometer. 

This lake also has got the distinction of being the highest navigable lake in the world. The length of the lake is so large that it forms most of the borders of Bolivia. You can see floating islands around the lake made up of the reeds of the lake. There are people living on these islands as well.

The best way to go around these islands is to take a boat trip of the island. You will remember this trip for rest of your life. You can see interestingly designed homes on these islands. Certainly, this will be a trip you will remember for rest of your life.

The place is very peaceful and quiet. The place is inhabited by some of the most ancient people of Peru. There are many items which show the history of its people around the lake. The people around the lake area maintain a very traditional way of life.

Taquile and Amantani is the other two islands on the lake. These are the real islands and not made of reefs. These islands are absolutely gorgeous. Also these islands store the heritage of Inca and Pre Inca ruins.

You can also stay here overnight with any of the local families living here. In this way you will be able to experience of some real hospitality offered by the people living around the lake area.

Mostly people stay in Puno which is a town on the lake. You can get the essential items of daily requirements here.  There is a market there as well.  There are several sites around the town of Puno which can be easily approached.

Sillustani is such a place where you can see an interesting congregation of funeral towers. There is a small museum as well. You can hire a taxi to reach the place. Lake Titicaca should be a must in your list while you are planning a visit to Peru.



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