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ada-barak-snake-spa We know you have all heard of spas and the various treatments provided by them both local and international. But what most of you may not be aware of is the use of slithering reptiles to massage your body. And what better reptile to choose for the treatment than the snake?

Too scary to be true? Well that’s exactly what awaits you in Ada Barak’s Carnivorous Plant Farm and Spa in Israel. An unusual spa which is located in the city of Talmei Elazar in the Northern Province of Israel (funny because the snake is deemed to be a curse in most Islamic countries), it is fast gaining popularity among locals and tourists alike for its one of a kind body massages.

It’s not the therapists who give you a massage here but a slithering snake that is placed on your body or face. Depending on the type of massage or treatment, the snake varies from being a California or Florida King Snake, Milk snake or a corn snake.

Ada, the founder claims that in contrast to the general fear of snakes having a tendency to bite, they can be pretty soft creatures if handled with love and care. Tourists who have also visited the spa proclaim that once they got over the physical fear, the actual sensation of holding the reptiles or lying down while they move over the body was quite soothing and helped relieve them of profound body aches, muscle sores and even migraines.

The bigger snakes are used for deeper body kneading massages while the lighter ones are used for facial and neck rubs. Ada also adds a few mice which run over the body, providing a tingling sensation that soothes the nerves of the body.

For those who still fear snake bites, the good news is that all the snakes used in the spa are non venomous.

A typical full body treatment would cost you 80$. All you need to do is lie down, close your eyes and enjoy the massage without thinking about who’s giving it to you.

Apart from the spa, Ada also owns a plant farm which houses every possible type of carnivorous plant found on earth. Though the spa generates quite some money, Ada’s main earnings come from the plant house which she showcases to tourists and locals. It is quite interesting to watch these plants eat almost everything from flies, insects, small reptiles and even small mammals like moles, mice etc. You may want to stay a bit clear of them when you tour the farm.

If you are still apprehensive about the spa, feel free to watch them give a massage to someone else and you can move over to the Bayit Bagalil, a spa situated near the Sea of Galilee. In addition to a rejuvenating massage by humans, you can also enjoy a dip in the Red Sea known for its medicinal values.

So the next time you decide to visit a spa, try the idea of a snake massage for a change. Who knows? You may end up overcoming your greatest fear of snakes and get a refreshing massage in the process. Give it a go!

fathima abubakr

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    Thanks for the article, however for you information, Israel is not an Islamic country.