Vienna: The Cultural City

One of the largest cities in Austria, Vienna has a population of little more than 1.7 million. There are a number of places that you can visit in Vienna. Vienna is also popular because of its exquisite coffee. There are a number of historical sites and monuments in the city.

The place is also popular because of the museums. There are around 100 museums in the city which has got a great collection of art work. The city is also popular because of its exquisite Sacher cake. The city has also got a great number of libraries.

Vienna is a great place for the art lovers. There are a great number of museums spread all over Vienna. Among these museums, The Albertina has a special place. The place has one of the largest collections of drawings n the world. More than 60,000 works are on the show which include works of some of the greatest artistes like Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Cezzane and Schiele. There are some other famous museums like Leopold museum in Austria which has a great number of art works on display. The Sigmund Freud museum includes his work and possessions. Other famous museums include Museum of Natural History and Vienna technical Museum.

The city is also very popular because of its numerous old palaces. Some of the most popular palaces in Vienna are the Hofburg Imperial Palace and the Belvedere Palace. Schonbrunn Palace has also got the oldest zoo in the world. Hofburg Palace is the residence of the president now. The Belvedere Palace should not be missed by a tourist while on a trip to the city, the palace has been designed in the Rococo style. The palace has also got two museums which show the Austrian art right from the middle ages.

There are also a great number of churches in the city. The most famous churches which are frequented by visitors to the city are the church of the Teutonic Order, Kalskirche, St. Peter’s church and St. Stephen’s cathedral. Vienna is a great place for art lovers. The museums, libraries and the palaces gives a unique charm to the city.


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