Vancouver, Canada

Vancouver is a great city. It’s a great destination for any traveler. This cosmopolitan city has a number of attractions for a visitor. The city also becomes beautiful because of the presence of the mountains and the ocean. The city offers a number of activities as well.

There are a number of sights to visit in the city. The city is also popular among the tourists because of the number of entertainment venues spread all over the city.

There are many remarkable places to visit. Amongst all these one of the most remarkable is the Canada Place. It’s famous amongst the tourists. From the Canada place you can have remarkable views of the North Vancouver’s mountain ranges.

It’s a sight to behold for any one visiting Vancouver. From here you can some other breathtaking views as well like those of the planes taking off, Cruise ships on their way and many sea buses. Canada Place is a must visit for all the tourists coming to Vancouver.

It’s especially a sight to behold especially on the 1st of July which is the Canada day. Lots of festivities take place on this day. Do check out the Canada place in case you are here on 1st of July.

Also a great experience is the climb across one of the greatest suspension bridges in the world. The Capilano suspension bridge provides great opportunity for all those who are fond of adventure sports.

It’s a great thrill. You need to be courageous in order to attempt a climb on the bridge. This suspension bridge is a great sight to behold. Its 137 meters long and 70 meters high.

A visit to Robson street is also worthwhile. This place is great for shopping. You can find all the famous retail brands here. Also great for shopping are Georgia and Granville. In case you are finished with the shopping at these places you can try Chinatown.

The Chinatown will offer you a wholesome experience in shopping with all sorts of stuff like Chinese medicine as well as all sorts of household stuff. There are also fabulous open air markets here. It’s a great experience. Do visit this place once you are in Vancouver.

Vancouver is also great for entertainment and food. There are a number of entertainment spots here like night clubs.



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