Vacation in Rome

Are you planning your next vacation soon? Are you planning to surprise your wife or someone close? Rome is one of the best places you can visit with your family or friends. You will surely remember this place for the rest of your lives. Rome is situated in Italy, which is located in Europe.

In Rome the spring season and the autumn season are warm and mild. In august the maximum temperature goes up to 30 degree Celsius. In January the average high temperature is around 13 degree Celsius.

The best time to visit Rome is in summers. That is during July and August. These two months are mostly rain free. The only problem is that it can get a little humid during the evening time of the day.

Eternal City is the second name for Rome. It has a lot of things to offer for each and everyone. Some of the most important religious sites of the world can be found here. All the famous hotels are mostly situated near the airport only. The name of the airport is Fiumicino. It is the largest airport of Italy and serves up to five million passengers every year. Rental cars, buses, taxis, etc are also available here easily.

You can visit a lot of places in this city. If you are looking for a religious trip, then Vatican City is a must visit for you. Church of Santa Cecilia is also famous for its religious history. Trevi fountain is one of the largest fountains of Italy. It was used to supply water to central Rome.

Pantheon is the best piece of architecture from the ancient Roman times. This temple was made in 25 BC. Colosseo is one of the famous ancient monuments of Rome. Besides these places there are many places you can visit like Roman Forum, Piazza Venezia, Piazza Navona, etc.

The Spanish Stand is also a nice place to visit. During the summers it is decorated with different types of flowers. Trinita dei Monti is the name of the church that is located on the top of these steps. This is also a nice gathering spot for all the tourists. Mostly people sit on the stairs and enjoy the view of this place. Rome will surely not disappoint you. It is a really nice place for a vacation.



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