Unique Hotels – The Dog Bark Park Inn, USA

If you are quite fond of the weird and wacky, here’s a once in a life time chance to stay at a truly strange, one of a kind hotel. Called the Dog Bark Park Inn, the hotel is located in Idaho, USA. Striving to provide something new for the visitors, the designers of the hotel Dennis Sullivan and Frances Conklin have come up with a masterpiece that reminds us of those long lost days of roadside traveling where you drive, stop, eat and stay at truly weird places like duck houses and shoe shaped inns.

Location: Located in the small town of Cottonwood, the Dog Park Bark Inn is located in central Camas Prairie. There is no way you can miss it as it sits just by the road and you will be able to see the hotel from quite a long way off.

Accommodation: The highlight of the Dog Bark Park Inn lies in its rooms which resemble beagles, only these beagles are enormous. Named Sweet Willy and Toby, these 12 feet beagles house the rooms of the hotel. Offering all the modern day amenities, the rooms are spread throughout the body of the beagle.

Accordingly, the belly of the beagle houses the main bedroom with a double bed along with a fully equipped kitchenette and a dining area. The eyes of the creature provide stunning view points for the guests while the bathroom, as you would have guessed it, is located at the rear.

The furnishings are also designed around the same theme and among the more artistic fixtures; guests get to see mutt mats beside the beds and bed heads carved like a dog’s head. It takes a highly imaginative and fun loving person to admire these decorations and if you are not that kind of a person, you would not want to stay here.

Guests to the hotel also have access to the other parts of the Dog Bark Park which includes the gift shop, the creator’s artistic studio which features wooden carvings of a variety of canines in addition to several pigs, bears, moose, felines and fish. A variety of theme based carvings are also available for visitors to see.

Nearby Attractions: Those staying at the Dog Bark Park may also want to visit several attractions located close to the inn. Some of the itineraries offered by the hotel include tours to Lewis and Clark Country, the Monastery of St. Gertrude, the Historical Museum, Winchester Lake State Park, Wolf Educational and Research Center and the Bicentennial Historical Museum in Grangeville.

Rafting and boat tours are also arranged by the hotel for the guests and two of the most popular tours include, whitewater rafting tours and jet boat tours, through the canyon.

A drive in theater (called Grangeville’s Sunset Auto View) located nearby enables guests to grab a quick bite before settling down under the stars to catch a couple of blockbuster movies.

There are several other activities to keep the guests of the inn engaged from morning to night. These include scenic drives, horseback riding, hiking, mountain biking, berry picking, bird watching and ATV riding. Guests can also plan their vacations around the time the town celebrates the summer rodeo and several other festivals.

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