Traveling Along the Silver Route in Spain

Spain is an incredible country; large in size and rich in history and culture. It offers excellent opportunities to adventurous travelers to explore its wonderful terrains and vibrant medieval towns.

Each town has its distinct characteristics. The laid-back attitude of fun-loving Spaniards has an addictive quality that binds them all together. The best way to see this amazing country and get to know its wonderful people is to travel by road.

Romans built excellent roads in ancient times throughout their ever expanding empire. The Silver Route is one such road in Spain, starting at the southern city of Seville and ending at the seaport Gojin – a distance of some 750 km.

This ancient road passes through many old archaeological sites, fascinating medieval towns and villages and – of course – breathtaking natural landscapes. Embark upon an exciting driving expedition through this tourist route.

The expedition begins at Seville. It is a historical city with an active river port that had played an important commercial role between Spain and the Americas after Columbus sailed from here 500 years ago and discovered the New World.

Check into a comfortable hotel in the Old Square where many historical landmarks are located. Magnificent churches and a gorgeous cathedral are built over Moorish mosques. Get information from the tourist office about the places to be seen.

Identify a competent car hire company in Seville. Rent a car that is in good shape, insured, air-conditioned, fitted with air bags and GPS and has all the documents required by the Spanish transport authorities. You, and assuming you are traveling with your companion, must have valid driving licenses.

During your long drive you will pass through many interesting places, some of which are UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Your first stop is at Zafra at the base of the Sierra de Castellar Mountains and then you drive further north and spend the night at the sleepy historical city of Caceres.

There are many amazing tourist attractions along the Silver Route and Salamanca tops them all. This ancient city’s pedigree dates back to the 3rd century BC. Remains of many old Roman structures are inside the walled Old Town.

The 12th century Old Cathedral and another built 400 years later are major attractions. The most popular spot is the 18th century Plaza Mayor is always bustles with shops, bars and restaurants. Spend a couple of days here in one of the comfortable hotels.

Drive further north and you will reach Bejar, a charming old town with a collection of 16th century Renaissance buildings. You will come across several other interesting old towns like Zamora, Benavente, Astorga and Leon before your long journey ends at Gijon.

The larger towns along the Silver Route offer comfortable hotels and smaller roadside towns provide tranquil resting places located in centuries-old buildings. Come to Seville and start a fortnight-long journey through many exciting places. You will soon forget the strain of long drive but the memory of visiting so many wonderful places will linger for a long time.