Travel To The Musical Haven Of Central Europe Budapest

If you love travelling and discovering exotic places around the world then you may not want to lose out on the various attractive places in Europe. European tours have been the most attractive prizes for people who cherish their traveling experiences.

It is therefore essential for you to learn about the best places in Europe and the attractions they have to offer to get an experience of a lifetime! Each renowned place in Europe is exceptionally beautiful with a temperate climate to offer and breathtaking natural beauty to surround you. Along with there are also rich historic and cultural treasures which you will feel honored to learn and experience.

Such a place is Budapest, nestled in between the Buda Hills towards the west and the Nice Plain towards the east, in Central Europe. This amazing metropolis is perhaps one of the most beautiful places in Europe which proudly presents its history and culture in the form of rich architecture. The bubbly city with the warmth of its seasonal treats, festivals and frolics make it an ideal place to visit for all age groups.

Trip To The Musical Haven Of Central Europe Budapest

Budapest – The Musical Haven Of Central Europe

Music has often been associated with the love of life and the beauty of nature. Budapest is aptly called the musical haven of central Europe as it has various musical attractions, carnivals and festivals to offer for each season. There can be no better place for music lovers who can enjoy the Spring Festival along with orchestras, jazz, dances and various contests and screenings.


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Movie lovers can make the best out of this place that offers never ending promises like the Titanic Film Festival and Jazztavasz during the months of April and May.  Carnivals and festivals follow during the next few months with the Dragon Boat Festival, Danube Carnival and the parade of musicians and dancers from all over the world on the Chain Bridge is something which shouldn’t be missed by music lovers.

Budapest is a complete experience for all kinds of art lovers. Beginning from music, dance and movies this metropolis in the central of Europe has a plethora of architectural beauties to offer. There are a number of places which you can visit as you enjoy the various exciting activities along with!

Places Of Interest In Budapest

There are various parks and museums which give you an insight into the lifestyle and culture of this place. You get exciting places to wine, dine and enjoy the night life as well.

The Castle district is a place to offer the grand historic monuments, museums and cafes. The Matthias Church, Castle Hill with Royal Palace and the Danube bridges along with the Festival of Folk Arts and International Wine and Champagne Festival are the major attractions offered in this part of the city.

Castle district

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Chain Bridge and the Danube Promenade are not to be missed as the chain bridge itself is a historical magnificence rendered in stone belonging to the mid-nineteenth century while the Danube Promenade is a part of the UNESCO’s world heritage program.

The thermal baths, City Park, Margaret Island, New York Palace, Central Market Hall, the New Main Street, Vaci Street, Andrassy Avenue, Central Synagogue, St. Stephen’s Basilica and St. Stephen’s Square, Gellert Hill, Gresham Palace and Wine tasting in Buda Castle are other attractions which shouldn’t be missed as well.