Travel to Stockholm

Standing tall as the capital of Sweden, Stockholm is a hot spot for tourists wanting to take in the Scandinavian charm. It is a very important commercial center and is filled with modern architecture.

The Old Town still houses a lot of picturesque parks and overall Stockholm is great for people wanting to take a city break. This article provides a few tips on the things to do and the places to see in Stockholm.

The first thing to do would be to book the hotel most suitable to your needs. Stockholm is home to plenty of lavish and luxurious hotels to provide you with all the comfort you would need after a day of touring the city. The Grand Hotel Stockholm, Scandic Sergel Plaza, Af Chapman & Skeppsholmen and First Hotel Reisen are a few of the top draw hotels in Stockholm. These hotels provide the most modern facilities and boast of immaculate services.

Among the sights to check out in the city, none rank above the Vasamuseet. The Vasamuseet is a famed 17th century warship, which sank on its maiden voyage but was later salvaged and is the only one among its kind. The ship has now been converted into a museum and contains various exhibits.

There is also the Gamla Stan also known as the Old Town. Its 17th century alleys bring a different flavor to what is otherwise a very modern city. The Old Town is also known for its street musicians and is home to a lot of beautiful parks.

Among other sights worth checking out, there is the National Museum of Fine Arts, Historical Museum, Ericsson Globe Arena and Traslottet Bellevue. The city, although overflowing with modernity, is still home to age old constructions and that is what makes Stockholm truly unique.

The city is also home to some truly lavish eateries. There is the Wedholms Fisk which specializes in serving delicious fish recipes and is a must visit for fish freaks. Among other top restaurants, there is Pontus in the Green House, Koh Phangan and Sally’s. All this and more make Stockholm one of Europe’s top travel destinations.