Travel to Oviedo City

Oviedo City is one of Spain’s most visited places. Spain is renowned for its historical places, cultural heritage  and variety of monuments and tourist attractions. People travel from all parts of the world to enjoy a vacation in Spain, in particular, Oviedo City.
Travel to Oviedo City to witness a spectacular range of places, all very different from one another. Some of the tourist attractions in Oviedo City include monuments, churches, national parks, museums, mountains, beaches and a variety of interesting locations. Travel to Oviedo City, also given the status of a world heritage place by UNESCO, and witness a range of fascinating heritage locations.

By walking from the University campus to the magnificent Cathedral, you will have the opportunity of viewing numerous monuments and statues. The Gothic style of the Cathedral in Oviedo city is an architectural masterpiece. You might also be interested in seeing some other religious places nearby like the Holy Chest and the Cross of la Victoria.

Travel to Oviedo City and be amazed by the beauty of the San Sisdoro Church and magnificence of the city hall building. The museum of fine arts is another place worth seeing, mainly because of the art works done during the Austrian kingship.

The historical significance of these beautiful places is very evident and can be felt while walking through the city. During your walk, you will come across several bars and restaurants where you can relax and enjoy a delicious meal for very nominal rates.

During your travel to Oviedo City, you must visit the celebrated De la Escandalera plaza. While you are there, also visit the National Park Campo de San Francisco which is renowned all over the world.  Oviedo is also known for its cultural life and that is very evident in the reputed Campoamor Theater.

If you are looking for another kind of cultural life, why not explore the market area and be amazed by the intricate works of art and artistic sculpture.  Finally, visit the Lastres village and enjoy fishing activities in the village and surfing activities in the gorgeous beaches along the coastline.