Travel to Minsk, Belarus

Travelling to Minsk in Belarus can be one of the most amazing experiences in your life. It’s still not a place where the tourists go in great numbers. There is plenty to discover in Minsk in terms of history and the natural magnificence of the area. The natural beauty of the place is enhanced by fresh lakes, forest and greenery all around.

Minsk is the capital of Belarus. There are a number of things you can do in Minsk. There is Opera and Ballet performances going on in the theatres. Simply taking a walk can be a great experience in Minsk.

For those who want to have sumptuous meals, there are a number of restaurants where you can have a traditional Belarusian meal. Two well known restaurants in Minsk are Pechki Lavochki and Rakovski Brovar.

Other fine restaurants in Minsk include the Maxi Bis, Acropal and Planet of Sushi. The meals are good and reasonably priced. One of the most relaxing activities while in Minsk can be spending time at the River Svisloch with a cup of coffee or with a beer bottle can also be a good experience. You can also go for a visit to the Mir castle and fort of the city of Gomel.

The nightlife in Minsk is exciting as there are a number of clubs there which will keep you entertained
. The food served in these clubs is great. There is strict dress code in these hotels. Entertainment at these night clubs can be a striptease show and musical performances. Sphera and West World club are two of the most popular night clubs in Minsk.

Minsk has a number of great sites for travelers. The Island of Tears, Minsk cathedral the town hall, Palace of sport and Belarus State Circus are some of the important buildings here.

If you start walking from the Victory Square and walk up to Independence Square, you will come across some important spots which are of tourist interest. These include the Yanka Kupala Park, Minsk circus, Palace of the Republic, the Minsk Hotel, the Post Office building, the St. Siemon and St. Elena Roman Catholic Church.


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