Travel to Hawaii – Aloha

hawaii The largest among the Hawaiian Islands, Hawaii (Big Island) is the best place for a beach holiday coupled with fun and sporting activities at the beach and on the mainland.

A destination that has it all, from volcanoes and lavish rain forests to mountains filled with snow and the multicolored beaches below, the island is an extremely popular tourist destination for couples and families alike.

The island is warm the year around though you may get attacked by surprise showers now and then. So it is recommended that you bring light weight clothes, a pair of sun glasses and a sun hat to avoid getting burnt.

Buses provide the best means of transportation in and around the island with an additional option of renting a car to move around. Excursions are also available every day that would help you visit the major attractions of the island and those in the surrounding islands.

If you are not keen on staying in a hotel, you can camp on the shores of the beach or choose from a number of hostels.

Among the many interesting water activities, you can indulge in Deep Sea Fishing, Yachting, Surfing on the world famous Waikiki Beach and Snorkeling.

The activities on the mainland include: golf, nature hikes, mountain climbing and downhill biking in addition to canoe races that are extremely popular from autumn to spring and the annual Hawaii International Film Festival which showcases award winning films from around the world.

A trip to the surrounding islands would be worth mentioning. Be sure to visit among other islands, Maui or “The Magic Isle” which is known for its magical history, Lanai or “The Pineapple Isle”, known for its plantation sites and numerous archeological wonders, and Kauai or “The Island of Discovery” which is known for its raw natural beauty.

A hidden treasure of Hawaii is the place of sacred worship called the Pu’u O Mahuka heiau. This ancient religious site is still frequented by locals who leave offerings to the Gods to appease their anger.

Be sure to stop by the Pali Lookout spot while coursing through the Pali Highway. The ridge provides excellent views over the island of Oahu.
Make a visit with your kids to the zoo in the island of Waikki for an interesting zoo experience coupled with the Waikki Aquarium which is just a stone’s throw away.

Honolulu serves as the cultural center of the entire group of islands and is a must visit for its old harbor area (Aloha Town Marketplace) which is now lined with shops, restaurants and street entertainers.

Some of the attractions you don’t want to miss on this island include the Honolulu zoo, Lolani Palace, Nuuanu Pali, Chinatown, the Punchbowl memorial, the Honolulu Academy of Arts and the new Hawaii State Art Museum.

Tired of visiting all the sites and islands? Just wander leisurely through the 400 acres of the Ho’omaluhia Park. Divided into 6 different sections, the park also consists of a 32 acre artificial lake which would make the perfect place to stroll by or unwind.

The Aloha Tower is located in the island of Honolulu and is strategically built in the center of an array of stores, souvenir shops and local restaurants. An elevator ride would take you to the top of the tower which provides panoramic views of the island.

While you are there, walk over to the Marinetime Museum or enjoy some mouth watering cuisines in the Palomino, one of the best restaurants in town.

Keep all these facts in mind when visiting Hawaii and as they say, have a wonderful vacation. Aloha!

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