Travel to Auli

auli Auli is a skiing destination in Uttarakhand. Situated at a height of nearly 3000 m, it is a dream holiday destination. One has to do considerable travelling to reach this remote ,but extraordinarily beautiful place.

Auli is good to visit throughout the year, except during monsoon months. Surrounded by stunning Himalayas on three sides and dense Golden Oak forests,  it is a visual delight.

The scenery and weather changes every moment and one can never get enough of the beauty of the place. This is an account of how beautiful the place is in the summer months.

There are regular buses and taxis which start to Badrinath from Haridwar. Auli is situated on the way to Badrinath, with a little detour from Joshimath. From Joshimath, one may take a taxi ride to Auli or opt for the more popular rope way.

The rope way makes its way through Peach and Apricot orchards and pretty wooden houses to Auli in about 25 minutes.

Auli greets one with the expansive mountains and lush green meadows in the summer months. The only sound one hears there is the ringing of bells around cattles’ necks as they graze on the meadows. The mountains are so close one feels as if one can touch them.

Once in Auli, there is not much to do, much to the delight of many city dwellers. One can sit at the cafe situated at the last stop of the rope way and sip hot tea there.

There is a small herbal medicinal plantation there. Little shacks offering Maggi and hot and cold beverages dot that part of this little town. One can hire mules or ‘khacchar’ and go to Gorsoan meadows situated at a height of almost 3200 m.

Adventurous ones may trek to the meadows too. Around July , these meadows turn into a carpet of beautiful orchids , lilies and rare flowers. It is also called ‘The mini Valley of Flowers‘.

Stay options in Auli are only two. GMVNL run accommodation and The Clifftop Club. The former is situated a little below the Clifftop Club and does not command as good views.

Food is available only in these hotels and there are no eating joints as such. If one wants to explore other eating options, one has to travel to Joshimath.