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Travel Tips For Africa Africa being the second largest continent has over thousand and more languages spoken in their African countries. There are many areas which are still dreaded by the tourists to visit because of high rate of crime and terrorist activities.

Nevertheless Africa has been tourist spot for many adventure seekers. Its mysterious charm has captured the eyes of many photographers, travelers and wild life lovers. Africa is synonymous to safaris and wild life. The pleasure to see many exotic animals from a close range could be exciting and definitely worth a visit.

Africa is a semi modernized country meaning you have some parts which are so developed compared to some which are way below the poverty line. However when you do plan to visit this mystifying continent, make sure you follow some very important travel tips to Africa.

Do Not Forget To Take the Sunscreen

Africa is hot. It is so hot that it becomes impossible to stay out in the open for long. Therefore it is advised to carry sunscreens with high level of SPF that will help you to keep away from harmful rays of the sun. You would be surprised that the locals are so used to the harsh sun rays that they do not use sun blocks.

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Make sure you divide your time properly. Do not spend maximum time outside during the day. Also, pack sunscreens depending on the length of your stay since you may or may not find them in the local stores or are highly priced. It is better you pack them before you set out to travel.

The Deadly Malaria

You should know that Africa houses the female mosquitoes responsible for very painful Malaria. This is quite a big health issue you need to consider before planning a trip to Africa. Take along all the required precautions and anti-malaria medicines. Pack mosquito repellents, creams and nets to keep them away. It is also better to be safe than regret later.

Keep away Flashy Jewelry

Why to carry expensive jewelry? Since Africa has a high crime rate it is always advised not to carry expensive stuff like jewelry to keep the goons away from you. They might attack you or rob you at a gun point. Therefore do not wear them or carry it when traveling. This is one of the most important travel tips for Africa.

Carry Clean Water

Obviously you cannot carry water while traveling but make sure you do not drink water from anywhere or given to you by anyone. Remember, dirty water is the main source of many illnesses. Why ruin your travel? Drink safe and distilled bottled water. Stay away diseases like Typhoid.

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Carry a Travel Guide Book

You know there is no harm in knowing the place/country you’re planning to visit. Always carry with you a travel guide of the place. It helps you know about lot of important things like places to visit, things to do in a safari and dos and don’ts of that particular place.

Above are some very useful travel tips for Africa. Have a safe trip.

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