Tourist Attractions Of Accra

If you happen to visit Ghana, make it a point to visit the country’s capital, Accra. Popularly known for its rich traditions and cultures, Accra is a hot tourist spot and is visited by tourists the year around. And if you happen to be one among them, then here are the top tourist attractions in Accra that you most definitely need to accommodate into your travel itinerary.

Tourist Attractions Of Accra

Osu Castle

Officially the seat of the Government of Ghana, the Osu Castle can be considered as the political center of Accra and houses the government offices in addition to a shopping center, a post office, a clinic, a café and a permanent garrison.

Tourist Attractions Of Accra

With over 2100 employees working here, the Osu Castle boasts of being a permanent historic monument in Accra and has been visited by the likes of Bill Clinton, Richard Nixon and Gerhard Schroder etc.

Independence Square

Considered as an area of historical significance, the Independence Square in Accra happens to be one of the highest points in the entire city and offers stupendous views of the Gulf of Guinea.

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The square also happens to be the area where three men were shot down by the army for simply wanting to pay their respects to the Governor. With the ability to accommodate over 30000 people at any one point of time, the Independence Square is one of the more popular tourist attractions in Accra.

National Museum

Considered to be one of the oldest museums in Ghana, the National Museum in Accra was founded in 1957 and houses some of the country’s most prized historical treasures and several exquisite pieces of local craftsmanship, including several varieties of lamps, pottery, drums and metalwork etc.

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National Art Center

World renowned for its splendid display of exotic and artistic items ranging from woodcarvings, masks, embroidered clothing and beadwork etc. the National Art Center in Accra is considered as the focal part of the African arts market.

Du Bois Memorial Center

The Du Bois Memorial Center is yet another historical building in Accra that is considered to be a heritage building and a national monument. Widely acclaimed for housing several relics in the form of ancient manuscripts, famous books, historical portraits and of course, the plaque that contains several extracts from the poems penned by the founder Du Bois himself, the Du Bois Memorial Center is a must visit if you are a history buff.

Aburi Botanical Gardens

A two and a half hour ride from Accra would lead you to one of the most beautiful coastal gardens in the country, the Aburi Botanical Gardens. With wonderful views of the rugged coastline at your disposal, this 64.8 hectares garden houses a variety of exotic plants. And although a major portion of the garden has been converted into a Botanical Reserve, the rest is open for visitors the year around.

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In addition to these main attractions, there are hordes of other interesting places you can visit in Accra, Ghana. These include the Central Library of Ghana, the Accra International Conference Center, the Ohene Djan Stadium, the Accra Center for National Culture, the National Theater, and the Shai Resource Reserve.

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