Tourist Attractions In Chad, Africa

tourist attractions in chad If you are mulling to visit Africa it will be worth doing so. However, as a tourist you must be thinking which country would be the best in Africa for a nice holiday. Chad is a good option if you want to experience the African culture and its diverse fauna and flora.

Chad is a landlocked African country. Situated in central Africa it is surrounded by Libya in the north, the Central African Republic is situated in the south, Sudan in the east, Niger in the west and Cameroon and Nigeria to the south-west. The climate of Chad is desert-like in nature and it is termed as the Dead Heart of Africa.

The largest wetland in Chad is Lake Chad. It is the second biggest lake in Africa. Emi Koussi situated in Sahara is the highest peak of Chad and a tourist hot-spot. The peak is mesmerizing because of its natural beauty and attracts many tourists all throughout the year.

The dominant religions in this country are Islam and Christianity and the official languages of the country are Arabic and French. The capital of Chad is N’Djamena, another scenic place famous for its unparallel beauty.

biggest lake in Africa chad

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The country was named after its boasting Lake Chad, once a huge water body that has shrunk leaving a crater-like region in the northern part of the country. It gained its independence in 1960 prior to which it was colony of the French.

After  independence, it faced invasion from Libya facing 30 years of turmoil. It is now more or less a peaceful country and is known more for good reasons such as tourism. If you are looking for a perfect holiday, Chad tourism can be the one that suits your taste.

Zakouma National Park, Chad

The Ennedi Desert

The Ennedi desert is another tourist hot spot. It is situated in the north-east of Chad and covers almost one-third of the portion. This desert is a scenic beauty famous for a safari or a camel tour. This region is also known as the Ennedi Plateau. Jeep safaris are also prevalent but can be a little costlier.

It is a part of the Sahara. The rock formations in this place are overwhelming. Some of these reddish-brown rocks have been painted with animals by the local tribes inhabiting this place.

The Ennedi Desert

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The wildlife of this place is noteworthy. If you are lucky, you may find camels bathing in the fresh water of the Guelta d’Archei. You will also find oasis in this region, a must have for any desert. Visiting the Ennedi Desert can be the real experience of Chad tourism.

The beautiful Saharan sand dunes are eye catching. Camping and spending a night under the open sky in the Chad desert can be a real adventure. Be sure to take a guide. You will also find the Saharan crocodiles in the Guelta d’Archei. They feed on the fishes inhabiting the lake and are very dangerous. Overall, this desert has more to offer than you may think. Be sure to visit this place if you are in Chad.

N’Djamena, The Capital City

It is the capital city of Chad and a very beautiful place for the tourists. It experienced decades of civil war in the past but is a serene place now. The nightlife in the capital city is thrilling. The city has many bars and restaurants open through out the night. Music is another accompaniment that makes the atmosphere soothing during the night time.

N’Djamena, the Capital City

The historic part of this capital city has some old buildings. Most of the bars and restaurants are concentrated over here. A market is also prevalent where you will get everything ranging from grocery to jewellery. Most of the things are made by the local people and comes at a cheap price.

You can also haggle to bring down the price of these goods. The city is lively and the people are very cordial. That is the reason why this place attracts many tourists. The city has redefined Chad tourism.

Other Places in Chad

Outside the capital city of Chad is situated the Gaoui village. According to a legend, giants used to reside in this place in ancient times. Some artifacts have been discovered from this village, which are on display for the tourists. There are museums in the city of Abeche and N’Djamena.

Tibesti Mountain

Excavated remains of ancient times are on display in these museums. The Tibesti Mountain is situated in northern Chad. The mountain abounds in wild animals and hot springs are situated all over the place. If you are fond of boat rides then you must visit the Dougia Resort situated in the northern part of Chad. The resort is situated near the Chari River where you will find animals such as hippos.

Close by, you will find a rock, which is known as elephant rock due to its shape. This country has a lot to offer to the tourists. If you are adventurous person, then Chad tourism will be pleasing to your taste.