Tourist Attractions In Cape Town

Attractions in Cape Town Cape Town is one of the most striking cities not only in South Africa but also in the world. It is the second largest and populated city in the country. There are a lot of tourist attractions in the city for your pleasure.

Whether you are looking for adventurous activities or a relaxed trip, you can enjoy the benefit of both in Cape Town. Holidaying in South Africa, especially in Cape Town will give you a worth of every penny you spend.

Along with various sightseeing places and attractions within the city, you can move to the surrounded areas for more. Scenic beauty is one of the major reasons why the place is visited by millions and millions of tourists every year.

To extract the maximum advantage of any place when you are traveling, one of the most important things is to short list your priorities and interests. This will help you avoid wastage of any time when on a tour. Where Cape Town is concerned, here is a simple travel itinerary that will specify the top attractions in the city. You can choose the best of them depending upon your budget and time in hand.

Must See Places in Cape Town

Table Mountain

One of the icons that the city of Cape Town is proud to have is the Table Mountain. The destination has also been tagged with the prestigious title of one of the natural wonders all around the globe. It wouldn’t be wrong in saying that most of the tourists who visit Cape Town are because of the Table Mountain.

Table Mountain

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Therefore, it is something that you can’t afford to miss when in the city! It is situated in the heart of Table Mountain National Park. Being more than 1000 meters above the Table Bay, it gives a panoramic view of the sea as well as parts of the city. This sandstone mountain stretches to almost 3 kilometers of land.

The cable cars are the best way to get to the mountain within a couple of minutes. Along with a feel of the clouds here at the Table Mountain, you can also get a view of various flora and fauna and rare wild flowers. Silver Tree is one of the most exotic plants you will find here. It is beyond doubt, the top attraction in Cape Town.

Robben Island

Located just off coast of Cape Town, this is another place that should definitely be a part of your holidaying guide. The island is again a heritage site on the world and has a beautiful museum for attracting the tourists. Originally a prison, the place today displays a lot of exhibits that are rare and unique in its own way. The Robben Island is just 12 kilometers away from the main city of Cape Town. The entire place is quite isolated and peaceful.

robben island cape town

Currently, the museum here organizes a lot of activities for children from time to time. From workshops to camps, locals enjoy a lot of advantages here at Robben Island. If you want to come closer to the diversity and culture of the country, then this is an ideal place to visit.

Don’t you miss out on the bird sanctuary here on the island that is a hub for hundreds of rare and beautiful species! To visit the island the best way is to hire a ferry.

Camps Bay Beach

The best place where you can get a good view of the Atlantic is the Camps Bay Beach in Cape Town. It is one of the most renowned beaches of the city and the ultimate place if you want to spend some quality time with yourself.

Camps Bay Beach

You can easily relax here in the wonderful ambience and also hog on fine food at the various cafes and restaurants at the beach.

Cape Point and Cape of Good Hope

One of the most wonderful sightseeing places in the city is the Cape of Good Hope. The place is internationally well known and calls for countless tourists each year. The point is situated within the Table Mountain National Park and can be visited alongside the Table Mountain.

Cape Point

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The place is also known as Cape of Storms. The impressive thing about the place is the enriched wildlife here. From zebras to baboons and bucks to various species of birds, you can capture a lot in your camera and in your memories.

A lighthouse enhances the beauty of the place and will give you a panoramic view. Another noticeable thing here is the meet of the two major oceans of the world. Cape of Good Hope is definitely the place to be checked out when in South Africa.

Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens

If you are a nature lover, then visit Kirstenbosch Botanical Garden when in Cape Town. The entire area stretches more than 500 hectares of land with exotic gardens all over. The fragrance garden and the water-wise garden are something that you should definitely check out.

Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens

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You can either opt for a walking tour of the place or hire a golf cart with guides to know more about the place. Restaurant and shopping facilities are also available here for the benefit of the tourists.

Boulders Beach Penguins

Penguins are a must watch when you are in Cape Town. This beach called the Boulders Beach is a home for thousands of penguins. It is not only a rare and astonishing view for adults but for children as well.

Boulders Beach Penguins cape town

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An entrance ticket is however required if you want to enjoy this sightseeing destination of Cape Town.

Two Oceans Aquarium

As the name suggests, Two Oceans Aquarium is a home for enriched marine life. The aquarium is one of its kinds and the largest in the entire country. The hundreds of marine species is a great watch. There are shops where you can buy souvenirs and books on the same. A fine dine in option is also available here.

two oceans aquarium cape town

There are a lot of other worthy and significant places in Cape Town that can be checked out. However, it will totally depend on the time you have in hand. Along with this Cape Town offers air activities, boat trips, cruising, hiking and other water sports to all those who have a love for thrill and adventure.