Top Tourist Attractions To Visit In Australia

australia travel In today’s lifestyle, every day can be hectic for all of us. You try to keep up with the fast pace of the growing world. You try to perform at your work place, school or college.

There is competition in almost every thing. All this can become really tiring on a daily basis. If you have a family then there is another duty of taking care of your children. You have to send them to school; they go for sleepovers at their friend’s place, as a parent you will have to take care of all the needs of your children.

Sometimes going on a vacation can really help you and your family. It will act as a type of stress buster from this busy and hectic lifestyle you have. Selecting a holiday is not an easy task, as there are many places which offer fun, adventure, different types of activities and a great time.

Australia is one of the best destinations to spend your vacations; it can be with your family, group of friends, as a couple, etc. It is a really beautiful place. Australia consists of almost eight thousand islands. Once you see this place, you will be forever hooked to it and will want to come back again. You have not seen the world until you have visited the wonders of Australia.

Accommodation – Availability

The best thing about Australia is that wherever you are going, there will be accommodation available for you. Whether you are going on a business trip, or a vacation with your friends or families. From motels to luxurious lodges, all types of accommodation are available here according to your budget.

australia beach resorts

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There are many types of beach resorts here. Just imagine, you lying down in a comfy chair, under a shade, in a beach enjoying your favorite drink with your pals or with your family. For all this, Australia’s beach resorts are just irresistible.

When you plan a trip to Australia, the best way is to make a list of all the accommodations suited for you according to the places you are going to visit. Just keep in mind to keep more than one option of accommodation for a particular place.

Must Visit Places In Australia

This country has everything to offer for almost every type of tourist. With its magnificent beauty, it also has a large historical and cultural significance. Australia is the only country which is a continent. The countryside is vast and unique in its own way. Below are some of the places that are a must visit when you plan a vacation to Australia.

Seeing The Blue Mountains


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Blue Mountains region is a really beautiful place. From Sydney it is just a two hour car drive. Exploring its vast wilderness is surely going to be a breathtaking experience for you. It has got many activities like hiking, scenic railways, limestone cave exploration, etc. in the limestone caves you can see the wall arts and do many fun activities for families.

Kakadu National Park

If you are a true nature lover, then Kakadu National Park is the place to experience. It is also known as the largest nature’s reserve. This park offers guides which take you hiking to see this amazing land full of wonderful flora and fauna.

Kakadu National Park

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If you get lucky, you can also see some of the rare animals and birds in this park. It also has a large wall art collection. Due to all these reasons Kakadu National Park is a must visit during your vacation trio to Australia.

Kangaroo Island

The best example to experience the authentic beauty of Australia is the Kangaroo Island. Some portion of the island is still untouched by the civilization. This is done to protect the island’s ecosystem.

Kangaroo Island

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Some of the world’s tastiest dishes are available here, like virgin olive oil from the olive trees growing here, honey and fresh sheep’s milk. Many guided tours are also offered by this island to see seals, koalas, etc.

Tasmania Island

Tasmania is a really unique island. First of all it is almost 200 kilo meters away from the Australian mainland. It is also one of the least populated islands in the world.

Tasmania Island

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You can experience the beauty of tall mountains, its lakes and river. There are almost 1800 kilo meters of hiking trails and about 18 national parks. It also has many camping sites for nature lovers.

A Beautiful Building – Opera House

Opera House

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Opera House is situated in Sydney. In the year 1973 a Danish architect built this beautiful building, the Opera House. The name of the architect was Jorn Utzon. In this building, a lot of theater and ballet performances are held throughout the year. To admire the architectural design, over two hundred thousand tourists are attracted to this building every year.

Visiting The Great Barrier Reefs

To experience a vast collection of coral reefs, Great Barrier Reef is the place for you to visit. The tourists are allowed to see only limited part of this place to protect the coral reefs and also to preserve the ecosystem of this place.

Great Barrier Reefs

Various species of the ocean like, whales, dolphins many types of fishes, etc are also seen here. This place attracts over 200 million tourists every year. The number is really large, but once you see this place, you will know the reason behind it.


Planning a vacation to Australia will surely assure you great experience. This is because there is a bit of every thing in this vast continent. From beautiful beaches to a wide variety of rare animals like Tasmanian tiger, possum, kookaburra which are present in the wildlife parks. From swimming, scuba diving, snorkeling to hiking, camping, rock climbing.

Also, the cuisines are also amazing here. Whether you want to go on a vacation alone, or with your friends, or with your family, Australia has something or the other for you. It caters for all kinds of age groups having any kind of budget for their trip.


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