Top Tourist Attractions In Germany

Top Tourist Attractions In Germany Are you planning to visit the most popular places in Germany this vacation? Then you are in the right place. Germany is rated as the safest tourist place around the world by “Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Reports”.

Tourists are mostly attracted towards the scenic beauty of landscapes, nature and hospitality of the people of Germany. Germany is located in the northern central part of Europe. As Germany is situated in the centre of Europe, it shares highest frontiers than any other states on Europe.

Poland lies on the east, Czechoslovakia is on south-east, Austria and Switzerland are on the south, France is on south-west, Luxembourg and Belgium are on the west, the Netherlands is on north-west and Denmark lies on north of Germany.

The budget for the travellers is also very cheap and comfortable which mainly attracts the tourists. Some of the most visited and attractive tourists’ places are as follows:

Top Tourist Attractions In Germany

Berlin is one of the largely admired cities of Germany. Most of the tourists visit this place to see the historic monuments of Germany culture.

Some of the recommended sites in Berlin are Gendarmenmarkt, Museum of Applied Art (Kunstgewerbemuseum), Pergamon Museum, Zoological Gardens (Zoologischer Garten) and Dahlem Museums. Brandenburg Gate (Brandenburger Tor) is regarded as the surviving Berlin city gate that reunifies East and West Berlin.

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Rugen Cliffs are situated in Jasmund National Park which is located in north-eastern part of Rugen Island. Erosion is continuous due to presence of Baltic Sea. Konigsstuhl is the magnificent portion of this cliff which is about 118 meter in height. The forest behind the cliff is undisturbed and is included in the National Park.

Frauenkirche is situated in Dresden in Germany. It is also known as Church of Our Lady. This Lutheran church was totally destroyed during World War II, but again rebuilt according to the original plans of 1720s and opened in 2005.

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The city of Coventry that was robbed by the Luftwaffe contributed the golden cross for the church dome. More visitors are attracted due to reopening if the church.

Cologne Cathedral located in Cologne is the largest Gothic cathedral, which is famous for several centuries. The construction of this cathedral was started in 1248 and due to various disruptions, it took about 600 years to complete. Cologne Cathedral was constructed in memory of Saint Peter and Mary.

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Lindau is city located at the meeting point of German, Swiss and Austrian frontiers. It is a historic city situated in the east of Contance Lake. This small city is linked to the mainland through a bridge and railway tracts.

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About 3000 people are inhabitant in this small historic city. The architecture of the buildings is of medieval age and of half-timber, which is the main cause of tourist attraction.

Top Tourist Attractions In Germany

Holstentor is one of the two lasting gate of Lubeck city. It was built in 1464 and now stands as museum piece. Due to its curved doorway and two attractive round towers, it is observed as the Lubeck symbol. It is the old city centre of Lubeck and one of the famous visitor’s attractions in Germany.