Top Hotels In Mombasa,Kenya

The continent of Africa is one of the most colorful places on this planet. A diverse culture and customs is what is notable about this place. Surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean in the south and the great African deserts, this piece of land has a special place in history. In fact, it is thought that Africa is the land where the first humans evolved. Therefore, a trip to this panorama of cultural diversity is a very good idea.

All You Need To Know About Mombasa:

The country of Kenya is similar to all other African nations in terms of the rich cultural legacy it has. One thing that differentiates it from the rest is that it is much more urbanized and has a cosmopolitan feel to it. It does not mean that the wild African flavor is not retained. This mixture of both the cultures is what makes Kenya so unique. In addition, there are some of the best beaches and scenic places and not to forget, wildlife sanctuaries, which makes it an indispensible spot for travellers. Mombasa is the second biggest city and is flanked by the Indian Ocean.

This close proximity to the sea makes it a hot spot for coastal tourism. It is a major seaport and an international airport. The locals are generally the Swahili people but over the years there has been an influx of people from the Indian sub-continent, Middle East, Somali etc. all these different groups of people make it an interesting blend of culture and traditions. Apart from the obvious indulgence, the sea beaches, one can do many other things in Mombasa. In particular, the city has great nightclubs and bars and the nightlife is booming.

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Staying In Mombasa:

Now that you have an idea about what you can expect once, you land in Mombasa, it is ideal to discuss in brief about the possible accommodation options in the city. There are many good hotels and resorts in and around the city, which might interest you. Due to large number of foreign travellers who visit the sea beaches every year, many new and boutique properties are being constructed too. Of the many, a few which are the best picks are discussed as under.

The Serena beach hotel and spa is one of the best in the city. As the name itself suggests, it is a five-star resort and has an excellent spa. The resort has three restaurants, which serve you anything from local dishes to multi-cuisine gourmet meals. The amenities include 24 hours room service, laundry a private pool, Jacuzzi and superb massages in the spa.
Afrochic Diani is another hotel, which needs no jazzy description. The hotel itself speaks of its high quality services and personalized rooms.

It is located on the Diani beach, which is a full 27 kms sheet of white sand and aqua blue sea. It has only 10 rooms but all of these are equipped with state of the art things blended smartly with the natural setting and décor. It is a highly recommended hotel if you are planning for a romantic honeymoon in the lap of nature. The tariff is reasonable when weighed with the quality of service.The Indian Ocean Beach Club (iobc) is another hideout, which is very popular with the locals and the tourists alike. It is a unique private property, which gives you many different facilities under one roof.

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There are cottages or villas and all of these have a sundeck or patio that gives you the chance to have your morning tea in a spectacular setting. A kid’s club and babysitting services makes sure that you and your partner get a cozy alone time. There are 100 rooms with 35 of the much coveted, oceanfront cottages.There are many more such hotels and many other budget properties available, which you can opt for. The rooms are always booked so make it a point that you book well in advance.

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