Top Beaches Of El Salvador

El Salvador is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Central America. The place is packed with tourist from December to April. You can get flights to El Salvador from most of the cities in the USA and Europe. The country has some of the most exotic beaches of the continent. The El Salvador beaches will spoil you with choice.

From coffee plantations to cloud forest – El Salvador has plenty to offer for the tourists. Yet, it is the beaches that attract tourists the most. A shoreline stretching for over 300kms, El Salvador will offer you black beaches with volcanic rocks as well as beaches with white sands.

The western El Salvador beaches are generally stretched in little coves dotted with black and dramatic volcanic rocks. At the westernmost part of the country, you have the famous beach Barra de Santiago. The beaches offer great opportunities for sunbathing and you can watch sea turtles in the turtle conservation project. Apart from this, you will see different beaches in the western coast. The names include Cobanos Beach, Zunzal, Tunco, and Majagual beaches. Zunzal is considered to be one of the best beach for surfing.

On the eastern side of Lempa River, you will find some of the most scenic El Salvador beaches. There are some islets for those who love privacy. The most famous among them is the Piraya Island in Jiquilisco Bay. In fact, the Jiquilisco beach is one of the most popular beaches in El Salvador. The manglar trees and the array of local flora and fauna make it an ideal place to be.

El Espino, on the other hand, is a long sandy beach ideal for the families. The Icacal beach too, has similar features. Other beaches in the eastern part of the country include Negra, Tunas, Tamarindo and Meanguera Island. Most of them are ideal for sunbath and surfing.

Another great El Salvador beach is Costa del Sol. This beach is 65 kilometer southwest to San Salvador. This beach is beautiful and most developed one. Here, you will find nice hotels, clubs and resorts. The palms and coconut trees always enhance the beauty of the beaches here.

Most of the El Salvador beaches offer opportunities for diving, surfing etc. Also, you will find shopping centers nearby. Near the beaches, you will find many beach houses, resorts and hotels.