Top Attractions in Glasgow

Scotland is the perfect place to spend your vacations and Glasgow would be the natural choice as the city is full of old world charm and grace. Glasgow is located in the West Central region of Scotland in the United Kingdom. Glasgow is on the banks of River Clyde and it has a charming countryside which has its fair share of all the glory. Glasgow is also among the top ‘most livable cities of the world’.

Glasgow is full of surprises. You will never feel bored in this wonderful city. There are different kinds of attractions like sightseeing, shopping, fun activities and so on. The city has everything to offer from the traditional sightseeing places to the more modern and innovative attractions.

Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum is a very attractive art gallery which has works of art by McLellan. Each of these paintings depicts a wonderful story of its own. Kings Park is built over a total area of 67 acres. There is a walled garden and woodlands and the place has been labeled as a historical monument.

The Lighthouse is a superb building with a number of collections that has won many awards. There are art works and paintings of many famous artists. One can have an outstanding view of the city from this place.

Linn Park is full of natural sites. There are some beautiful river walks, wildlife and countryside fun. This is a must visit for any tourist and it is a real pity if you happen to miss it.

The McKintosh Church at Queen’s Cross has lots of attractive art work that can be seen on the walls and windows of the church. However, the interior of the Church is really beautiful and is bound to blow you off. The experience of exploring the Church is very unique and you should never miss it under any circumstances.

The National Piping Center is the place for the music of Scotland. The main and traditional musical instrument of Scotland, the bagpipe, is on full display here. The Mitchell Library is a favorite place for people who love poetry, art and history. The place is good enough for a gathering of family and friends.