Top 3 waterfalls to visit

Waterfalls are by far the most beautiful creation of nature that any traveler can lay his eyes upon. Each and every waterfall is unique, which is why it’s pretty difficult to suggest the top three. Here are the three waterfalls that top the charts in most travelers’ itinerary, which you too can visit:

Niagara Falls: Probably the most popular waterfall in the entire world, the Niagara waterfall is located in Ontario, Canada.  This waterfall ranks as the largest one in the world that carries 2.8 million liters of water every second. The raw power and exuberance of this natural waterfall makes it the biggest tourist destination and a must-visit on the “top three waterfalls list”. The waterfall is very easy to access and the tourists can take pictures from all angles.

Iguazu falls in Argentina:

The Iguazu waterfalls are perhaps the most majestic of all discovered waterfalls in this world.  The drop of this waterfall is about two kilometers. On an average, one and a half million liters of water flows through it every second. All the figures add up to give the best experience in the world that cannot be described with words. There are catwalks that allow the traveler to get up and close to this goliath creation of nature. The tropical rainforest surrounding the waterfall makes up for a great ambiance.

Victoria Falls: Located in Zimbabwe, the Victoria Falls is the singular largest waterfall in the entire world. The majestic waterfall has a width of 1.7 kilometer and the water drops through a height of 108 meters. On an average, 1 million liters of water flow through this waterfall every single second. This waterfall has been given the status of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. The sheer power of the waterfall is sure to astound you.

The waterfalls listed above constitute only a small part of the immense natural treasures of the world. Nevertheless, you can begin your tour of exploring some of the best waterfalls of the world with these three as mentioned above.