Tips to whiling away time during air travel

whilingaway-duringairtravel Air travel can be a new experience for some, who might not be acquainted to the long procedures and landing problems. So, there is always a possibility of you getting caught in a whirl-wind tour. Follow these tips to ensure safe and fun travelling.

Chew gum or candy:

Chewing gum or candy can distract you from the situation, and make you feel good for sometime. Specially concentrate on this aspect during takeoff and landing.

Keep yourself entertained:

Entertain yourself by listening to music on your I-pod or solving Sudoku. You can also keep yourself busy by reading your favourite gossip magazine. If you have kids, bring some soft toys to keep them happy and quiet.

Read books or talk to your neighbours:

A book is the best companion for anyone who needs something to distract himself and keep occupied. Not only a good source of information, it also helps you to while away your time quickly. Your neighbours can also be great fun to talk to.

Be active, get up and move around a bit:

In between flight, get up and walk a little before coming back to your seat. Getting glued to the seat for a long time will make you inactive and you might feel unwell.

Drink water and stay hydrated:

The water provided in the flights is a safe option, but try to bring boiled water, and keep having it in regular intervals. Avoid alcohol. This may make you feel nauseous. In case you are in the habit of feeling nauseous, take the necessary precautions, medicines and also a plastic bag.

Sleep and take rest:

It’s a good option to sleep for some time. This will not only distract you, but also give the much needed rest to your body after a long day. Bring a pillow and extra blankets for a more comfortable stay.

Exercise and take care of your health:

Small exercises can be a good way to keep fit and stay active. A fun and innovative way to keep boredom away. Rotate your neck, move your hands and stretch your legs. Also invest in some motion sickness tablets if needed.

Munch on some snacks:

Eating is the best option. Because apart from keeping your mouth and hands busy, you will be surprised at how fast the time passes by. Lollipops are also a good option.

Get a pack of cards:

Play card games with your family or friends. Invent new games and have a good time.

These are some of the tips which you can follow for a more comfortable and fun journey. It may take hours for you to reach your destination. Try not to look at the watch. Instead follow these tips and you will be surprised at the way time flies by.

meenakshi nilakantan