Tips to Save Money for Frequent Flyers

Plane travel has increased by leaps and bounds in recent years. And with more and more airline companies entering the market, prices have been slashed, and subsequently these airlines have seen a steady growth of consumers. But despite the cutting of costs involved in it, regular flying is still an expensive proposition, especially for businessmen who consider time to be money and are always in a hurry to reach their destinations. This article highlights some tips on how frequent flyers can save some of their precious money, while still being able to fly decently.

First of all, purchasing tickets on the net directly from the airline website is a way cheaper option, as most airline sites offer special privileges and benefits to passengers. Tickets booked in advance can also help in reducing costs.

Luggage, carried in excess often ends up costing one more. There is a specific weight limit that applies to luggage, and crossing this limit increases costs rapidly. Therefore it’s a must for customers to be smart while packing to avoid the extra costs.

The best method of saving costs is the ‘frequent flyer miles’ packages offered by airline carriers in the US and in other countries around the world. But for this to work, one needs to sign up as a member on their preferred airline website. These packages are offered on some flights as well.

Frequent flyer packages are mainly offered by various airlines to increase customer loyalty. These programs award points or miles to the customer depending on certain actions the customer takes. These programs are great for getting discounts on flights, but there are often hidden fees on redemption of those points or miles.

Extremely loyal customers who accrue a massive amount of points are upgraded to an elite status within the package, which showers them with even more benefits and bonuses. Free seat upgrades to first class or business class seats, access to exclusive lounges are common stuff for elite customers.

The frequent flyer programs do have certain drawbacks as well, but the pros outshine the cons. Especially when a customer needs regular flying about, they come in very handy, saving one’s time as well as one’s moolah.