Tips to avoid Air Sickness

airsickness Traveling by air has become a common practice these days with more people opting to fly the distance rather than make the journey by land or water.

Compared to buses, trains, cars or boats, flights take only half the time to reach the preferred destination and are affordable to even the middle class traveler unlike the earlier days where air travel was restricted only to the high and sundry.

Motion sickness can be an issue for people traveling long distances, especially to airborne ones. Air sickness is a common occurrence in both passengers who are traveling by flight for the first time and the seasoned traveler. Here are a few tips to ease your mind if you have this effect with flights.

Choose a good seat: – One good way to combat air sickness is to reserve a good seat. The best seats would be those in the center aisle (above the wings) which are less shaky while takeoff and landing.
Try to ease off the tension by focusing on distant objects rather than something nearby. Some airplanes provide a ‘frequent fliers section’ which have seats located away from the crowded sections.

Dry Air:- The air inside the aircraft is very often drier than the air outside. This tends to dehydrate the system. You can have a carbonated drink along with some crackers and use some olives and lemons to ward off that feeling of nausea.

If you are averse to eating meals that the aircraft provides, you can opt to bring your own food on board as is the case with many airlines or order a special meal which is prepared in advance to your flight.

Dry sir also tends to seal the nostrils, which can be prevented by using a saline nasal gel. Use eye drops to keep your eyes moist. You can also use a lip balm to prevent the dry air from affecting your lips.

Move Around:- If you feel crammed up sitting in one place, feel free to move around the airplane once the safety measures indicate you can do so. The center and back aisles are mostly empty during the flight and provide good areas for a short walk. You can also participate in the in flight exercise video provided by some aircrafts for body circulation.

Divert Your Mind:- Don’t keep looking at the time as it will make the flight seem longer. Keep your mind diverted from things like storms, turbulence, crashes, and all the negative impacts of a flight. Remember, the less you think about the flight and the turbulence that come with it, the less prone you are to getting sick.

Keep your mind relaxed and positive. Think about the purpose of your visit, the people you will meet once you land, people you have already met on the flight etc. Try to strike up a conversation with a fellow passenger. The lesser you think about being sick, the more you will stop feeling so.

Entertainment:- Bring a pair of headphones with you (recommended) or use the ones provided by the flight personnel. Most flights come with AVOD (Audio Video on Demand) features wherein a TV screen is placed in front of your seat.

Choose a good movie and relax! You can also download some of your favorite tunes beforehand and play them during the flight.
Almost all the aircrafts allow the passenger to carry CDs, i Pods, DVD players etc.

Take a nap:- An option that ousts all the other ones and the best advice recommended by any traveler would be to just close your eyes and take a short nap. Either ask for them from the crew or bring your own pair of ear plugs, eye shades and maybe some sleeping pills.

Don’t forget to use a quality ear plug that blocks out almost all the external noises. Some flights offer a Sleepers Section with dimmed lights at cruise level, call the company in advance to see if they offer the service and book yourself a seat in that section. You can also bring along a travel pillow if the aircraft does not provide one.

Use prescribed pills:- If all these don’t work, resort to medication to ease your fear of flying. The best option would be to drink some Ginger Ale before boarding the flight. Take a newspaper with you as the smell will stop the feeling of nausea and the ginger will soothe your stomach.

Relaxation pills like Benzodiazepine and Temazepam are available in local pharmacies and can be obtained with a Doctor’s prescription. These help reduce your anxiety levels during the flight and are better compared to sleeping pills or alcohol.

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