Things To Do For Sports Fans In Tampa

If you are a true lover of sports and adore everything that goes with it, then Tampa in Florida, USA is one of those places you need to definitely visit more than just a couple of times. Considered as a haven for sports lovers worldwide, Tampa offers so many sporting activities that keep you occupied the year around.

From football, baseball, kickball, wrestling, gymnastics, boxing, hockey, cheerleading competitions and taekwondo tournaments to roller derby, bull riding, rodeos, and dog races, there is so much to do here in Tampa that you will never notice your holiday slipping by.

Things To Do For Sports Fansin Tampa

Stadiums And Auditoriums

Tampa is occupied with some of the best stadiums and sports auditorium in Florida. With state of the art infrastructure and excellent facilities, these places play host to a range of sporting activities in Tampa.

Things to do in Tampa

And some of the more prominent places in Tampa include the Raymond James Stadium, the St. Pete’s Time Forum, the Tampa Greyhound Track, the Tampa Bay Times Forum, the USF Dome, and the quintessential Sun Dome which remains busy throughout the year, thanks to the myriad of sporting activities it hosts regularly.

Golfing At Tampa

There are plenty of high end golf courses located in and around Tampa. Visitors to the city can enjoy golfing at these venues. Some of the more prominent courses include the Tampa Palms Gold and Country Club, the Westchase Golf Course, the Pebble Creek Golf Club and the Old Memorial Golf Club.

Tampa Sports

Tennis At Tampa

Tennis lovers would be able to enjoy their favorite game on the courts located near downtown Tampa. The Carrolwood Village Golf and Tennis Club Meadows/Pines Course has some of the best courts in the region and is a hit with locals and tourists alike.

Sports at Tampa

Boxing At Tampa

Tampa plays host to several professional boxing matches on a regular basis. These matches would be attended the likes of world renowned boxers like Winky Wright, Antonio Tarver and Jeff Lacey etc.

Football At Tampa

Definitely a must watch, football matches organized at Tampa showcase the skills of the Tampa Bay Buccaneer Football Team (not to forget mentioning the NFL Buccaneers Football Team) which clashes with football teams from nearby regions at the University of South Florida Bulls the year around.

Sports at Tampa

These football matches go hand in hand with a variety of other sporting activities that make the entire event a grand spectacle for every sport lover out there.

Ice Hockey At Tampa

Tampa has a moderately warm climate the year around. But that doesn’t stop the Florida Panthers and the NHL Lightening Hockey Team from showing a thing or two about the game of Ice Hockey to whoever dares to meet them on the court. With frequent matches organized throughout the year, hockey lovers would surely find a reason to rejoice.

Sports at Tampa

Water Sports At Tampa

There is no dearth to the number of water sporting activities you can take part in, in Tampa. With some of the best beaches in the country to play host (for example, the Clearwater Beach), Tampa offers locals and tourists a myriad of options to take part in and enjoy rather than just soaking up the sun’s rays.

Sports at Tampa

Some of the more popular water sporting activities at the beach include fishing, jet skiing, windsurfing, parasailing, kayaking, and boating etc. There are also plenty of beach sports to take part in with volleyball being the most popular beach sport.

Horseback Riding At Tampa

The Breeze Horse Ranch in Tampa caters to every kind of traveler and has several options ranging from pony rides for children and nature trails for beginners to advanced trails for experienced riders. The ranch also arranges birthday parties for kids on site.

Sports At Tampa

Alternate Activities At Tampa

Tampa has more than just sporting activities to offer for its guests. This particular destination remains busy 365 days a year thanks to several other recreational events like youth sports camps, ethnic festivals, religious services, business conventions, home and garden shows, trade shows, university programs, commencement services and political rallies. No doubt then why this destination is thronged by tourists the year around! So when are you going?

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