Theme Parks of Australia

Australia is a beautiful continent with well developed tourism industry. This continent provides a lot of entertainment value to all tourists. A major attraction of the tourists is the Theme parks of Australia.

Theme parks are spread all over Australia. They are very entertaining and can be enjoyed by people belonging to all age groups. Throughout the year, an atmosphere of carnival prevails in the theme parks.

There are several breathtaking rides in the theme parks which will fill you with excitement and thrill. Theme parks are best developed in the gold coast region of Australia. Other than that, there are some excellent theme parks in New South Wales, Victoria, and in Western Australia.

Overview of Theme Parks

Along the Gold Coast, you will find several of these theme parks situated one after the other. The theme parks that throng this place are Sea World, Wet “n” Wild Water World, Movie World, and also Dream World. There is yet another theme park in Queensland along the Mooloolaba Wharf- Underwater World. You will find this place as you journey towards the north of Brisbane.

New South Wales has a really fascinating theme park– Wonderland Sydney. However, this place was closed down in the year 2004. At present it stands there as an industrial park. If you travel towards the north of Sydney, you will come across you will come across Old Sydney Town.

It is regarded as a historical theme park. The famous theme park in New South Wales, Luna Park is improving even more with new rides being added to it and new entertainment events and stage performances coming up.

If you take real interest in history, you will find Sovereign Hill to be an amazing place. It is placed in Victoria. The biggest attraction of this place is the different dramatic events that are performed regarding the Eureka Rebellion.

The theme parks of Australia can lead you into an absolute amazement. They are so entertaining. Not only that, they can offer you a lot of knowledge. Theme parks suggest carnival and sheer enjoyment throughout the year.