The Nile – Cradle of Civilization

nile-river Ancient Egyptians worshiped the Nile. Their lives centered around the river that gave them all that they needed for their survival, prosperity and an abiding zeal to improve the quality of life. Prosperous Egyptians who lived on the fertile banks of the Nile evolved a society that provided an ideal cradle for a very important civilization to grow. As a tribute to the river, Egyptians built some of the greatest wonders of the world along its banks.

Visitors from across the world go to Egypt to marvel at these stunningly wonderful – and often mystical – creations of human beings who were immensely creative, innovative and resourceful even 5000 years ago. It was primarily the greed that perhaps tempted some of these visitors in the 19th and early 20th centuries to get rich quick by digging for treasures hidden in pyramids and other monuments.

Thousands of ancient monuments are located in the Nile river valley and those who visit these now are now true lovers of archaeology and nature. Besides Cairo and its vicinities, other important attractions are at Luxor, especially the vast and powerful Luxor Temple, Aswan, the city of temples at Karnak, the tombs in the Valley of the Kings and the massive rock temples of Abu Simbel. You can float by these astounding sites on a boat propelled by oars or sails if you are adventurous. If you relish luxury, take a cruise ship to enjoy your visit thoroughly. Or, simply catch a train from Cairo.

Ancient people, wherever they lived, loved to hear and tell stories. Egyptians in ancient times strongly believed in legends and myths about their holy river they worshipped as a deity. The river’s geographical and divine importance has addictive qualities that attract tourists to flock there and enjoy its virtues and get spellbound by the ancient, surreal and mystical monuments standing on the banks of this mighty river.

The northern section of the river flows through some other African countries and finally through Egypt whose civilization the Nile inspired to create since the Prehistoric Age. Almost all important archaeological edifices were built along the Nile that finally forms a large delta before disappearing into the Mediterranean Sea. The memory of your visit will, however, linger for ever.