The Natural Pool in Aruba

Located in the quaint little island of Aruba is one of the few remaining natural wonders of the world. Though the pool is not that much of a worldwide attraction, the pool is a famous tourist site in Aruba and is located in the Arikok National Park in Oranjestad.

Also called as Cura di Tortuga or Conchi in the local language, the Natural Lake is located right on the shores of the beach and is fact a naturally protected body of sea water. Huge volcanic rocks jut out from the water and separate the natural pool from the rest of the sea and the water in the pool though salty, is crystal clear.

Location: The Natural Lake is located close to the Quadiriki Caves which are also a famous tourist attraction in Aruba. Situated in the North Eastern coast of the island, the pool is located on a rugged terrain and is practically inaccessible by cars or other small vehicles.

Only 4×4 terrain jeeps and horses can be used to reach the area after which the rest of the journey to reach the pool needs to be made on foot as the landscape is dotted with huge rocks and corals jutting out from the sea.

About the Pool: The terrain on which the pool is located is quite treacherous and the long trek needed to access the pool may disappoint visitors at first. Because the pool, though a naturally formed one is not that pretty and may look like any other normal pool elsewhere.

But upon careful exploration, one can actually make out its significance. The pool itself is picture perfect calm in sharp contrast to the thunderous waves outside its boundary. The calm water of the pool makes it a pleasure for swimming and snorkeling in.

The pool does not have a perfect shape and resembles a circle. It is estimated to measure about 7 meters in its longest stretch, 6 meters wide and 5 meters at its deepest point. Those who feel apprehensive to move to the middle of the lake where it is the deepest can hang out near the edges which measure a total of 1.5 meters depth.

The rocks surrounding the pool are high at places and people often jump from these rocks straight into the water. Though scary at first (the rocks are covered in moss and seaweed and can be very slippery at places), the experience is quite fun and thrilling at the same time.

If you are in the water and feel something nibbling at you, don’t be alarmed. There are small schools of colorful fishes in the pool and you can actually bring your mask to indulge in some active snorkeling.

A word of Caution: Even though the Natural Pool is quite secluded and protected from the rough waves, during rough weather, the waves are known to crash into the pool at full force. In such cases, it is better to just view the pool rather than getting in for a swim as the waves are  big enough to carry even  full grown humans and toss them straight out of the pool let alone crash them against a rock.

Ways to reach the pool: There are several ways to reach the Natural Pool. One of the best ways and the one recommended by tourists who have already visited the place is to book a tour to the pool. There are numerous travel agencies in and around Aruba who offer daytime trips to the natural pool as part of a package which also includes other famous sites in Aruba.

Alternatively, if you decide to rent a terrain vehicle, be sure to get the route clear before starting off. The paths can be misleading and you may end up driving in circles. It is always better to let a local accompany you to the spot and back. You can always pay them a small fee later when returning the vehicle.

A damper in this type of traveling lies in the fact that if you damage the vehicle or any equipment you had hired, you need to pay for it in full upon returning it to the agency. This is not the case with scheduled tours where the vehicles and equipment are insured for by the agency and you would not be liable for any damages that may occur.

Another active way to reach the pool is by a walk along a nature trail from the Arikok National Park. The walk may take an hour or more but is definitely refreshing in terms of sights and sounds in addition to providing an exercise for the body. Take along plenty of water, sun tan lotions and of course a good pair of shoes in addition to the ones you will wear for the walk. Jeeps also drive by the route and you can hitchhike to the pool if you find the journey tiring.

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