It’s what we Brits are famous for and it’s how other countries think we all live! British Stately Homes are national treasures we tirelessly preserve with pride. So let HAYLEY NOLAN take you on a (mini) private tour of the most iconic attractions in the UK.

As the former residence of Henry VIII, Hampton Court Palace is the setting for many a famous English event, non more so than the Hampton Court Flower Show. However you can visit the Palace grounds and stunning gardens at any time throughout the year. You can even go ghost hunting on Halloween, as it’s been said that behind the door of one of the rooms, Anne Boleyn has been heard pleading for her life before being dragged off to her death – creepy!

Lyme Park, in the peak District, has been immortalized in the BBC adaptation of Pride and Prejudice, starring Colin Firth. In the classic TV series it becomes Mr Darcey’s humble abode, Pemberly, and so has been turned into a star in its own right. They even have a map you can follow marking where all the iconic scenes were filmed. A must for Austen (and Firth) fans everywhere!

Grims Dyke, near the famous Harrow School, was home to Sir William Gilbert of Gilbert and Sullivan. He lived here till his death in the lake behind the property in 1911, where he was rescuing a young girl from drowning.  He saved her life but at the tragic cost of his own. Now a hotel, Grims Dyke perform regular Gilbert and Sullivan Operas in his honor. Definitely worth a visit if you are in the London area.