The Hotelicopter – A Flying Hotel

hotelicopter How would it be to stay at a hotel in the skies? Remarkable? Well that’s just what lies in store for you in this one of a kind flying hotel. Too good to be true, the concept of the flying hotel came up in 2004 when officials were trying to restore a Mil V-12 helicopter and modify it.

About Mil V-12:- Touted to be the world’s largest helicopter, the Mil V-12 can carry a load of 105850 kg at a height of 2,255 meters. The wing span is more than that of a Boeing 747 and huge rotor blades are mounted on the tips of the wings. Though there were two prototypes that were successfully tested, they proved to be too difficult to maneuver and hence did not reach the original production stage.

Also called the Hotelicopter, the flying hotel guarantees complete luxury in the skies and resembles a double-decker bus. The hotel is sprawled across 4 floors in the helicopter and contains a total of 18 rooms. The windows resemble the original design and border each room that is sound proofed along with the latest in accessories and furnishings.

Rooms:- Each of the 18 rooms (16 standard cabins and 2 suites) are luxuriously designed and comes with a queen sized bed, wells stocked min bar, espresso machines and posh linens in addition to separate wireless internet access, private entertainment systems in the form of a flat screen system and hidden surround speakers and state of the art shower fittings.

In addition to all these remarkable features, there is personal room service and on board personnel at your disposal 24 hours a day which completes that 5 Star touch.

Other Amenities:- The other services of the hotel include yoga classes, international spa treatments in the Sky Spa, private Jacuzzis, a separate tea garden(you can choose between the Japanese garden and a hydro garden), separate kid’s club with provisions for babysitting, a playground for kids, ping pong tables and arcade gaming.

You can also get a splendid workout schedule in the fitness center, spruce up your creativity in the art gallery or relax your muscles in the steam and sauna rooms on board.

Travel Schedule:-The company that charters the Hotelicopter has its own travel schedule and if you wish to get on board this marvel, you can visit the direct website to book your stay. The Hotelicopter is also available for rent and you can rent the entire hotel for personal occasions and events, but be ready to shell out a huge amount of money for that

Inaugural Trip:-The Hotelicopter had announced its inaugural flight from John F Kennedy Airport on the 26th of June 2009. The entire trip was scheduled to take 14 days and the hotel appeared to be fully booked for its maiden flight.

Sadly, the entire concept of the flying hotel is being branded as a hoax and some say that the company has delayed the first flight due to technical reasons. Well, we’ll just have to wait and watch as to whether the Hotelicopter actually hits the skies or just prefers to stay on the ground.

fathima abubakr