The Futuristic Poseidon Underseas Resort in the Bahamas

If you have always thought of how life would be underwater, you will have to wait for a few more months to find out. Starting early 2010, construction of an underwater resort will start with full swings in the Bahamas.

Called the Poseidon Underseas Resort, this futuristic resort is the brainchild of L. Bruce Jones, President of U. S. Submarines Inc. The one thing that sets Poseidon apart from its contemporaries is that it’s not just a single part of the resort that’s underwater. The whole resort is situated 40 feet below the sea.

The resort will be connected to the mainland through two tunnels that allow entry for guests and the staff. The resort will have 20 grand suites whose walls and roofs will be made of transparent acrylic material, enabling guests to enjoy spectacular views of the underwater life.

Outside the suites, lighted artificial reef gardens will showcase a myriad of colorful fishes and corals. The underwater lights will be controlled by a switch inside the suites and if guests feel like feeding the fishes, all they need to do is  push a button which will activate an external fish feeder.

Apart from the standard suites, the resort will also house a themed suite, a grand suite and an isolated underwater bungalow that can be reached only by subs. Each suite will be equipped with a Jacuzzi which offers steaming baths under the icy cold ocean.

A huge pod will be attached at each end of the resort, and the two pods will house the main restaurant of the resort in addition to housing a library, the bar, a wedding chapel, a conference room and a spacious luxury suite.

There will be two elevators that bring guests down to the resort in addition to an indoor tunnel. The indoor pressure will be kept at 1 atmosphere to combat concerns regarding decompression. In addition to all of this, the pods that house the rooms are detachable and can be brought to the surface in case of repairs.

Safety of the guests at the underwater resort will be taken as the main consideration and so, the acrylic walls will be designed to be almost 4 inches thick. The resort will be designed with the same safety considerations that are taken for submarines.

In addition to the detachable pods, each individual unit of the resort will encompass a safety dome and an emergency entrance/exit hatch with diving equipments. Safety and rescue drills will be regularly carried out to ensure all guests and employees are safe.

A travel package to the Poseidon Underseas Resort in the Bahamas will cost travelers 15000 dollars for a week long stay. In a week, guests will spend two days in the underwater rooms and spend the next 5 days in an onshore facility. Not to worry! Cause the on shore facility will offer all the amenities of a standard 5 star hotel.

Some of the recreational activities that will be offered with the travel package include submarine trips, submarine control training, sea trekking, underwater photography services, snorkeling and scuba diving expeditions, wine tasting classes, wedding concierge and island hopping to Honeymoon Island. The on shore facilities will include golf, tennis; parasailing, sailing, water skiing, wind surfing, kayaking and canoeing.

With so many wonderful features to enjoy in truly spectacular surroundings, it is no wonder that you will be waiting with bated breath for the resort to open in the Bahamas. If you are not able to wait for that long a period, you can always visit Poseidon’s twin, the fully operational Underseas Resort in Fiji Island.


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  • Graham

    The Poseidon Resort is now in a private Fiji island.