The Fat Duck, London

Cooking, they say is an art; and few people in the world have a natural flair for the job. Right from creating mouth watering dishes from around the globe, to presenting them in the most creative designs, chefs around the world are continuously trying to come up with creations that would make them stay in the race to the top slot.

If you are visiting London and happen to be in Berkshire, don’t miss out a fabulous opportunity to dine at The Fat Duck. A world renowned restaurant in the town of Bray, The Fat Duck is run by founder Heston Blumenthal who also happens to be the chief chef.

Officially opened in 1995, The Fat Duck went on to grab three priceless Michelin stars before 2004 and is today the second best restaurant in the world after El Bulli in Spain. The restaurant has also beaten the likes of Raymond Blanc’s Le Manoir aux Quat’Saisons and Royal Hospital Road to bag the first spot in the Good Food Guide in 2008.

Boasting of being the only restaurant to achieve a perfect score of 10 in the guide, dining at The Fat Duck is a one of a kind experience. Filling the TV screens of UK with his cooking tactics, the chef Heston has also featured in a series of cookery shows called Feast.

So what’s so special about the Fat Duck, you ask? Well, it’s not just the scrumptious food that draws tourists and locals alike to this restaurant, but the otherwise unconceivable menu which comprises of dishes you could never have seen or even heard of before.

Heston, as everyone says applies the principle of molecular gastronomy to achieve the near impossible. The chef also plays with the minds of the diners, trying to see into their inner minds and conjure up their favorite dishes in a very creative manner.

In addition to tasting wonderful, the food is absolutely a marvel to just lay eyes on. Some of the more popular dishes in the restaurant include the nitro scrambled egg and bacon ice cream mixture, the starter jellies made of blood oranges and orange beetroots, salmon poached with liquorices, snail porridge and sardine served on toasted sorbet.

If you are interested in eating at the Fat Duck during your visit, here’s a look at the operating hours. The restaurant is open from Tuesday to Sunday for lunch between 12 pm and 2 pm; and for dinners from Tuesday to Saturday between 7 pm and 9.30 pm. The restaurant would be closed for the Christmas Holidays from the 18th of December and will reopen on the 12th of January every year.

Temporary Closure: A bad news for aspiring diners is that The Fat Duck has been temporarily closed following a complaint about food poisoning. The founder, Heston hopes to open the restaurant soon and urges visitors to keep looking out for the reopening date on the company’s official website.


fathima abubakr