The Beauty of the Boryeong Mud Festival

Mud-festival-1 Here’s your chance to get wild and dirty. Celebrated in the city of Boryeong, the Mud Festival is a weeklong affair that has locals and tourists alike playing with mud in addition to taking part in a variety of activities and events that involves mud and more mud.

Location and Event Date: Korea is famous for its raw natural beauty and the cities of Korea attract numerous visitors every year to their scenic mountains, plush meadows and alluring beaches.

And it is one of these shores called the Daecheon Beach in Boryeong where locals and tourists alike get together to enjoy the Boryeong Mud Festival. The festival is celebrated for an entire week from the 7th of November to the 19th of November every year. The idea behind the festival is to enable people to realize the better faces of nature and the event is actually sponsored by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism in Korea.

Accommodation for the event: If you are considering a visit to the city to watch the event, we recommend you book accommodation in advance. Because unbelievably, the festival gathers quite a crowd and it may become impossible to find a decent lodging if you want to stay the entire week.

You can choose to stay on the near the Daecheon Beach where the fun is or within the city where it’s relatively quieter. There are quite a fair number of standard motels that are usually small buildings and hotels that comprise of 5 floors or more. Even though the rooms in both the establishments remain the same, hotels provide other facilities that guests can use including swimming pools, restaurants, fitness centers and spas to name a few.

There are also the traditional Korean houses called Minbaks which are run by locals. Offering temporary lodging with the basic facilities and food, these are private residences that allow guests to stay for a short period in exchange for money.


Event Particulars: Now before we go into the details, let’s talk about the mud the people play in. If you think that playing in the mud is going to leave you with infections and rashes, then you are wrong. For the mud used in the festival has been found to posses ailing qualities.

The mud forms naturally on the beach itself and these kinds of muddy beaches can be found only in the Eastern Countries. The beach itself is a gorgeous place to hang out and sun bath but once the festival starts off, you will be covered in layers of natural mud.

In addition to just slinging the mud at others and having a mud bath, you can also take part in various events organized by the governing committee to make the festival all the more fun. Locals scrounge the beach offering various kinds if massages for a small fee and you can have a mud massage, self massage, and ultramodern mud massage or all three!


You can also take part in an educational tour called the Mud Experimental Land Program which is conducted right on the beach and provides and insight to how natural mud is purified and cleansed of all its impurities. There’s a silt extreme training course which takes you through rigorous training sessions in the mud in addition to playing games, fighting imaginary battles and building mud castles.

A lot of participants take part in the fun activities which include mudslinging, sliding in the mud, mud fireworks, and mud wrestling. In addition to all these, a mud king contest is held to choose the winner among all the participants (we guess it must be the person with the maximum amount of mud on his/her body).

Get your camera and click away for the organizers also arrange a photo competition which has avid enthusiasts trying to capture the best moments of the festival on camera.


After an entire day of playing in the mud, wash all of it off by evening and gather around a bonfire on the beach to share stories in addition to playing games and watching fireworks. The serene beauty of the beach and its surroundings are enough to take your breath away.

Boryeong also has a number of cultural and historical sites if you feel like exploring the city and do make it a point to visit among other places, Woiyeon-do, the Coal Museum, National Treasure, and the  Namhyehwasang Baekwol Bogwang Monument. Don’t miss out on the Muchangpo Sea Road, a coatal road that takes you through spectacular landscapes and the famed Mosaic Miracle and Cold Pool.


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