The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Tourism In Uganda

The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Tourism In Uganda The advantages of tourism in Uganda is revenue generation, job creation and streamlining a country’s poor and the downtrodden. While opening the gate of Uganda to tourists, the thing that matters the most is undoubtedly the economy.

With ecotourism initiatives, tourism industry in Uganda has become more advantaged by ironing out its dark sides. Ecotourism is a new form of tourism brand in Uganda with win-win development strategy. It underlines the advantages of tourism Uganda has and will be achieving.

Uganda’s over-Dependence on Tourism

Tourism industry is hugely contributing to the Gross Domestic Product of Uganda and there is every likelihood this industry may slowly usurp the place of agriculture and other major industries. Let’s consider some of the disadvantages of tourism in Uganda.

Dark Sides of Tourism in Uganda

Tourism requires constant uplift of infrastructure, upkeep of tourist attractions and wellbeing of the wildlife. New and new constructions are mushrooming to boost the tourism industry causing global warming. Sand is always stripped away from coastlines for construction purposes and the consequential sea level rising is a treat to the country.

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Roads are made to bear much more than its usual capacity resulting in constant repairs. Government does a ‘greenwash’ in the name of tourism. The corruption does not end there, but reach at the grass-roots level. The local public also take bribery from tourists and in turn tourists are given ‘easy way’ or ‘short cut’ to reach the tourist centres like gorilla conservation area, beaches, lagoons, etc by circumventing the required permits and other legal procedures thus destroying the entire setup.

Flip sides of Uganda Tourism

As local people cannot compete with the big private investors catering to the tourists with luxury hotels, sophisticated car rentals, etc, they are always thwarted away from the mainstream tourism network. A big chunk of the tourism income goes to these big private sectors and they invest the wealth in their respective countries leaving Uganda tourism in a shambles. This is one of the most detestable disadvantages of tourism in Uganda.

Over-consumption in Uganda

With so much influx of tourists the everyday consumption only increases. Over-consumption eats away much of the electricity, water, seafood and increases consumerism.

Advantages of Tourism in Uganda

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Over-consumption causes wastes that pollute water and the air. Healthcare facilities are not as advanced as developed countries and the infection spreads from humans to humans and it aggravates the situation when the sewage system overflows frequently.  When infection catches wildlife, the industry struggles.

Advantages of Tourism in Uganda

Uganda is of Gorilla trekking fame. It generates a colossal amount of money. With ecotourism spreading its strong wings, Uganda can find solace in the upkeep of ecology multiplying the income generation while tourists can have a new-found oomph in Uganda. Uganda now goes conscientiously by pledging ‘win-win development’ to make sure that the wildlife is not infected while taking care of ecology.

While other industries in Uganda keep fluctuating, tourism is a permanent economy booster. The tourism industry creates millions of job opportunities in the government sector and private sector (such as hotels, lodges, camping, car rentals, buses, shops, guides, information centre etc.). Tourism provides the people of Uganda with economic stability and educational growth.  Advantages of tourism in Uganda will have many ways now that ecotourism has a way.