Swim with Dolphins at Discovery Cove, Orlando

If you have always dreamed of swimming with dolphins, here’s a chance to live out your dream. There are several water parks and shows around the world where guests can interact with aquatic animals in addition to learning about them. But Discovery Cove in Orlando strands out one step ahead of the others in offering a one of a kind interactive dolphin show for the entire family.

Location: Operated by the Sea World and Parks and Entertainment Group in addition to being a part of The Blackstone Group, Discover Cove enables visitors to get as close to animal life as they possibly can.

In addition to spending quality time with bottle nose dolphins, families can also catch glimpses of several other plants and creatures like rays, exotic birds and other fishes. The park is also conveniently located close to the Sea World Orlando and Aquatica.

Setting: Care has been taken to imitate the natural habitats of these creatures so as to make them feel at home. The park also houses artificial beaches, lagoons and impeccably designed swamps.

Admission: The park allows only 1000 visitors at a time and hence prior booking is strongly advised. Guests can choose between different packages that let them enjoy the various attractions of the park. The park operates on an All Inclusive basis and the entrance tickets allow access to unlimited meals and drinks at the on site restaurants and cafes. The newly launched Twilight Discovery program entitles guests to enjoy gourmet dinners and a wide range of alcoholic beverages to choose from.

The tickets also provide access to the other amenities of the park which include snorkeling equipments, lockers, beach chairs, towels and sun screen lotions. There are several private cabanas scattered across the park which can be rented for private use. In addition to all these features, the tickets also allow free access to Sea World Orlando, the Busch Gardens at Tampa Bay and Aquatica.

In addition to the interactive Dolphin show, Discovery Cove has a few other attractions that are quite popular with tourists as well. These include the free flight aviary where guests can view over 30 different species of birds like parrots, ostriches and toucans in addition to touching and even feeding them.

The aviary houses a tropical river that winds throughout the entire park. Boat rides are available in the river and take guests through various artificial waterfalls, rainforests and beaches.

The park operates a huge free form indoor heated freshwater swimming pool that is located right next to the aviary. Another highlight of the park is its seemingly natural coral reef garden which can be explored by guests through snorkeling. A shark tank houses sharks behind thick glass walls .The tank also contains several large stingrays.

Available Packages: There are three different packages to choose from. The Trainers for a Day Package allows guests to join the dolphins for photo sessions, interactive play time with the friendly animals, quality time with professional dolphin trainers and a tour of the entire park. The entire session takes about 30 minutes.

The All Inclusive Package which is the most popular one with families comprises of free access to the free flight Aviary studio, the resort pool and the tropical river. In addition to the other standard amenities available in the All Inclusive deal, the package also offers access to unlimited exploration of the park’s underwater coral reef garden and lagoon.

The Non Dolphin Swim Package is for those who don’t prefer to get into the water but still feel inquisitive enough to look around the place. The package incorporates free access to the park’s lagoon, underwater coral reef garden, tropical River, the free flight aviary and the resort pool in addition to offering all the other standard amenities included in the All Inclusive Package.

Need to Know Facts: Once guests have booked a particular package, they are asked to attend a small briefing session with professional dolphin trainers who offer necessary safety measures and tips to follow in the water. Guests are also taught the hand signals needed to communicate with the dolphins and make them perform tricks. After the session is over, guests are provided with the necessary snorkeling equipment which includes snorkeling masks, wet suits and flippers. Then the time comes to get into the water and enjoy the experience of a lifetime.


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