Staying At The Masari Resort In Bali

Masari Resort The tropical paradise of Bali is truly a traveller’s dream destination. With almost perfect weather conditions, a soothing tropical breeze, picturesque beaches, high volcanoes and lush green paddy fields, this is one place that has been blessed with nature’s bounty.

Bali attracts a lot of global tourists throughout the year and it is considered to be the perfect destination for weddings or honeymoons. And to offer a luxury vacation to the tourists, luxurious hotels and resorts have also sprung up at this fascinating destination.

The Masari Resort in Bali is one of those renowned facilities that have earned accolades from all quarters. So, if you are planning a trip to Bali, staying at the Masari Resort in Bali would definitely be the highlight of your journey.

The opulent villas of Masari resort

Accommodation at the Masari resort is strictly restricted to its private villas. And in order to ensure guests maximum levels of privacy, 12 unique and well appointed villas have been set up at the resort. These can be considered to be true luxury havens where you can pamper your senses and indulge in the good things of life.

Eight two bedroom and four one bedroom villas accommodate guests at the Masari resort. Each one of them also has private plunge pools and is located on the riverfront, offering amazing views of the Petanu River.

Masari Resort accommodation

The villas at the Masari resort have been classified into three main types, Jepun, Cempaka and Jempiring villas. The spacious Jepun villas are ideal for 2 to 3 guests. Therefore, honeymooners seeking privacy or families willing to have fun can check into these villas. These world class villas have a master bedroom, kitchen, a separate dining area, bathroom, shower room and a deck.

The villas are also adorned with a plunge pool and a lounge. Even the kitchen is fully equipped with a microwave, refrigerator, crockery, worktops and a kitchen unit.

Apart from these, guests also enjoy in-room amenities in the form of satellite television, DVD player, refrigerator, coffee-maker, mini bar, hair dryer, daily supply of mineral water, safe deposit box and room service facilities. These luxury villas have an outdoor shower, all bathroom amenities, plus slippers and an indoor terrazzo soak tub.

Masari Resort facilities

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The Cempaka and Jempiring villas, on the other hand, are two bedroom villas which are also equipped with these amenities and offer fabulous accommodation facilities for people staying in a group of 4 or 5. This is therefore, the ideal living quarters for a family holiday or a business tour.

Things to do at Masari resort

Staying at the Masari resort is an experience in itself. It will let you enjoy a vacation that would surely be etched in your mind for years to come. Bali is renowned for its natural beauty, the mesmerizing coral reefs, breathtaking tropical forests, huge volcanoes and pristine beaches.

So, when you are visiting Bali, you surely would be in a mood to make the most of your holiday and a sightseeing tour is a must. The Masari resort enjoys a favourable location and the resort will help you to organize the tours. You can also seek the resort’s help for planning your trip.

The Bird Park and Bali zoo is also located close to the resort and are famous tourist attractions. Along with this you can also visit the Marine Park and Bali safari which are just at a stone’s throw from the resort and have become popular tourist destinations. You can also opt for water sports like diving and white water rafting.

Due to its vast water reserves and the proximity to the sea, different types of water activities are also prevalent here. Day cruises form another great attraction for the tourists.

However, if you are an outdoor kind of a person, opt for horse riding tours along the golden beaches of Bali. And if sport is what you would like to indulge in, do check out the expansive stretches of golf courses in Bedugul, Nusa Dua and Tanah Lot.

Masari shopping

When you are staying at the Masari resort, shopping can also easily fit into your schedule. It is close to the shopping districts of Sukawati which is famous for the beautiful paintings, traditional Balinese embroidered cloth, handicraft and other souvenirs that you can take home.

Therefore, if you are staying at the Masari resort, you can be assured of a thrilling and exciting time, taking in the sights and sounds of Bali.

Dining opportunities at the Masari resort

If you are looking for some fine dining opportunities, the Masari resort in Bali would not disappoint you. The fantastic restaurant at this resort is well equipped to dish up the best of Asian and European cuisine. The specialty restaurant is an excellent place for sampling some fine delicacies or enjoying an intimate evening with your loved one.

Masari shopping

The relaxed ambience and intimate atmosphere of the restaurant would let you have a wonderful time and allow you to indulge in a conversation with friends or colleagues.

The Fabulous Spa

When you are spending a luxury vacation in Bali, a spa session is a must. And the fabulous spa at the Masari resort would completely rejuvenate and relax your senses. With its range of mind-blowing treatments and therapies, the spa would let you forget all your worries and tensions.

As the experienced professionals at the spa dole out fantastic treatments, it will harmonize your body, mind and soul, allowing you to take in the pleasures of a comfort haven. At the Masari resort spa you can choose from a range of traditional, relaxing, aromatherapy and tension relief massages.

The therapies and treatments utilize traditional Balinese methods along with essential oils, authentic herbs and spices. Different types of refreshing natural facials are also offered by this spa.

Overall, staying at the Masari resort in Bali is a once in a lifetime experience and will add a different dimension to your visit to Bali. It surely lives up to its promise of being a hotel with a difference and keeps no stone unturned to offer the guests a truly intriguing holiday.