Staying at Pet Friendly Hotels – Useful Tips

Vacations and holidays are stress busters for the entire family and a chance for everyone to let go of their burdens and have fun. For those who have pets at home, planning a vacation should also include the point of arranging accommodation for their pets.

While the idea of leaving their pets back home at kennels may sound like a good idea to some, others cannot even think of leaving their pets behind when they travel. If you are such a kind of traveler who loves his/her pet to no end and want to take him/her wherever you go, here are a few tips on how to survive the holiday with your pet beside you.

Searching for Accommodation: Numerous pet friendly hotels are on the rise and you can choose a good quality hotel that offers accommodation for pets. While some hotels offer only basic accommodation and food, others offer additional amenities like pet care services which include special meals, pet spas and salons.

The best way to search for such hotels would be via the internet where you can get a clear idea of what the hotel offers for your pet. Once you choose a hotel, it is always recommended that you call the hotel directly to confirm what you have seen online.

Pet policies vary from hotel to hotel and you need to make absolutely sure of the hotel and its amenities before booking it. For example, some hotels don’t allow certain types of animals, some have a limitation on the size and weight of the pet and some allow only a certain number of pets to stay at the hotel.

Do your part: Just because the hotel agrees to let your pet stay with you and offers additional amenities doesn’t mean you can let go of your pet and forget him/her for the rest of your holiday. As a responsible pet owner, you need to realize that you are staying in a hotel that has other guests who may or may not like pets. It is up to you to make sure your pet stays controlled and well mannered. Here are a few quickies on that point.

1.    Certain hotels allow pets only in the rooms and common areas. Ask the hotel about this and find out where you can take your pet within the premises. Leaving your pet unattended in the room may cause him/her to feel scared and he/she may end up causing a riot. Alternatively, see if there is a place in the hotel where you can leave your pet, either leashed or free when you need to be in non pet friendly areas like the restaurants or bars.

2.    It is best that you ask for a room on the ground floor which enables you to take your pet out at night to attend nature calls. Alternatively, you can place a litter box in the bathroom for your pet to use. This way, cleaning is easier and the rest of the room is left untouched.

It is also recommended that you cover the surface of the bed or sofa on which your pet would rest on. This prevents the furniture from being covered in hair and you would have less hassles cleaning up after him/her.

Take necessary food  supplies: It is quite possible that the hotel does not offer the food your pet likes or does not have proper vessels to feed your pet. In such cases, it is always better to bring along your own pet accessories like food and water dishes, toys, medication if any, leashes and collars and maybe even his/her favorite pillow.

Additional Amenities: Most of the pet friendly hotels offer a range of facilities and activities to keep your pets entertained and you can probably ask the hotel for a detailed description of such services.

Some hotels offer in room pet treat baskets and pet grooming services. Pet sitters are available in some hotels who take your pet on outings or keep them entertained in the hotel while you get some time off.

Check for walking trails near the hotel that allow pets or pet friendly parks in the area. Some beaches also allow pets to accompany their owners in addition to certain restaurants which cater to both visitors and their pets with separate menus for both.

Many hotels also offer spa packages for your pets which combine bubble baths, hair treatments and special meals with designer clothes wear for pets which are supplied by numerous pet boutiques in the region.

Your pet deserves a vacation just as much as you do and if you have decided on taking your furry friend with you on your next trip, keep all these points in mind and give him/her the royal treatment for being your best friend.

fathima abubakr