Spain Travel

Spain is a wonderful country to travel. There are plenty of places of tourist interest along with plenty of activities. There are a number of historical places and monuments which are of great attraction to any visitor to the country.

Apart from the great tourist spots in the country, there are many more things to add to the attraction which include the excellent cuisine and the wonderful beaches of the country.

There are plenty of places in Spain which are a great tourist delight. Here are some of those:

The Balearic isle: It’s a wonderful place to visit. The place consists of three islands which are Majorca, Ibiza and Majorca. All these three islands are extremely popular among tourists.

The reason for the popularity of the Ibiza and the Majorca islands are the excellent weather conditions, number of beautiful beaches and a vibrant night life. In Ibiza, there are a number of clubs which offer an exciting night life.

The clubbing scene of Ibiza is famous world over and people from around the world come to the place to witness its great clubbing scene. The island of Menorca is relatively peaceful. This island is popular because of the excellent seafood available here.

Alhambra Palace: Another great place to visit in Spain is the Alhambra palace. Situated in Granda, this palace attracts tourists from world over. The palace is a mixture of Christian, Muslim and the Jewish influences in its architecture. There are other interesting places like the Science centre, the tomb of Columbus and Mezquita.

Canary Islands: The Island is a top attraction from the tourists around the world who come to Spain. The Canary Islands comprises of seven islands. There are excellent beaches. The beach of Gran Canaria is known as the paradise on earth. All these islands are popular because of the excellent natural beauty.

Madrid: The city is the capital of Spain. There are a number of tourists attractions in Madrid. There are excellent shopping areas. There are a number of places, museums and historical places which catch the attention of the tourists.Spain is a wonderful place to visit. Do plan to visit Spain for your next trip.



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