Siena. At your service.

Siena Siena is the soul of Tuscany. Compact in size it makes walking an enjoyable means of exploring, especially since private cars are not allowed past the city walls. Tourism is prioritized, making its guests feel assisted and greeted at all time.

Staying in Siena can be action-packed, especially if you have the right hotel on your list. One of the best reasons why you should chose a great hotel is that the facilities they offer are relieving. If you are the kind of traveller who enjoys a hectic couple of hours sight seeing but gladly sink into a pool to cool off and then head for a body massage later in the evening, make sure you get what you expect of your vacation.

Hotel Relais Borgo San Felice is a chain of the international chain of the Relais and Châteaux and is located in the Chianti region. Play golf in emerald golf courses or deliciously rejuvenate yourself with some wine-therapy. Just the idea of it is luxurious. You can feel right at home with a choice of selective cottages that reflect strong Tuscan tastes. Guests have also the pleasure of dining at the in-house restaurant Poggio Rosso that has been proudly serving its visitors traditional and avant-garde Tuscan spreads. To add to the novelty and keep its company surprised, the chefs bring in customized meals and share trade secrets of authentic Italian cuisine!

Relais della Rovere transports its guests to the history. The classic luxury hotel was remodelled to promise its vacationers comfort and refined aesthetics. The Bishop of Volterra back in the XI century was the proprietor and this was in fact a much-frequented abbey that was later passed onto Cardinal Giuliano Della Rovere. Cardinal Giuliano eventually moderated the building and it remained under the church for the next four centuries. Each and every one of the guest rooms is made into a self-sufficient vacation cocoon- a personal room-safe, direct dial telephone facility, wifi and a mini-bar. If its privacy that you need, then then the Relais della Rovere will prove a haven.

The right hotel can make or shake your trip. Siena offers excellent hospitality services to choose from be it sophisticated elegance or dazzling opulence. Visiting Italy is known for its life-changing reputation. So to state the obvious, have a great stay!