Siberian Odyssey

siberia Let’s go to Siberia without being sent there on exile either by an erstwhile czar or a Soviet dictator!

The journey to the destination is often of immense fun, especially when it is by train and takes seven long days clogging through changing landscapes. Russia’s iconic Trans-Siberian Railway has different routes. Two of them go to Beijing. The route that most travelers prefer is the Trans-Siberian line, starting from Moscow and ending at the Pacific coast of Vladivostok at the eastern tip of Russia. It is the world’s longest continuous rail line. The train passes through many cities and towns and travelers can break their journey en-route.

Yaroslavl is a place worth stopping over. It is a thousand year old city that prospered as a trading port on the Volga River. Its rich traders built several churches, many of them still exist. Ekaterinburg is a major industrial city. The Bolsheviks executed the last Czar Nicholas II and his family in a house here that does not exist any longer. Irkutsk has been a prosperous trading center for the past four centuries. Travelers can stop here for exploring the Lake Baikal region.

Trans-Siberian Railway offers two types of compartments on these trains. Two-berth first class and four-berth second class. Food served on the train is reasonably good can be bought with US dollars.

Two most pleasurable aspects of long train journeys are the scenery you see through the window and the company of your co-passengers. The latter, however, will depend on the level of your and their language skills. But enjoy the former without any hindrance. You will mostly see hills, flatlands, forests and unspoiled wilderness. You will also come across villages and small towns with narrow streets, and churches with typically Russian onion-shaped domes. Occasionally, you will also pass through cities and drab heavy industrial establishments. The most visually appealing regions are those through which the Volga flows, the Ural Mountains raise their lofty heads, and the world’s oldest and deepest Lake Baikal spread out in the midst of mountains and forests.

Various types of hotels are available in different places in Siberia. Book online after you get a satisfying discount. Meat dumplings – using venison, pork or lamb – are the main course of Siberian cuisine. Vodka is the most favorite drink and Siberians drink a lot of alcoholic staff on the pretext of keeping them warm in the biting cold.

Siberia has now shed its stigma of macabre history of exile, torture and executions. Come to Siberia to see the nature in its pristine glory and meet the wonderful, hospitable and warm-hearted people.