SeaWorld in Florida

SeaWorld in Florida is among the top tourist attractions in the world. SeaWorld FL is a combination of an aquarium, beer garden and an amusement park. It is an ideal family entertainment center that promises to be absolutely fascinating. SeaWorld FL is the world’s leading marine adventure park that has something to offer to everyone. Here, you will find leaping dolphins, crashing whales, sharks and sliding sea lions. The amazing animal shows and exhilarating rides is something you do not want to miss.

This wonderful marine adventure park is definitely worth a visit. The SeaWorld in Florida is approximately 200 acres in area and a treat for the eyes.  SeaWorld FL is well-known for its rides and fantastic entertainment centers. Kraken is a fantastic roller coaster ride.

Another ride that you should definitely try is the Journey to Atlantis, which is a combination of a roller coaster and a flume ride. Wild Arctic is basically an IMAX movie which involves a high-powered helicopter ride to Base Station Wild Arctic. The Walk line is another interesting activity in SeaWorld where the visitors walk though a cave and experience the Arctic life.

Shamu Adventure is all about the killer whales. If you are lucky, you might even get a seat in ‘Splash Zone’. Without visiting the Shamu Stadium, your SeaWorld trip would be incomplete. The Key West Dolphin Fest is another show which includes Atlantic bottle-nose dolphins that perform tricks and interact with their trainers.

Pets Ahoy is all about cats, rats, birds, pot-bellied pigs and a number of other animals who perform and delight the crowd. Pets Ahoy is a treat for the eyes. The other interactive programs in SeaWorld FL include Animal Care Experience, Sharks Deep Dive, Predators and Polar Expedition. Clyde & Seamore Take Pirate Island involves the sea lion, walrus and the otter.

This show is thoroughly entertaining and will surely amuse you. Odyssea is a thirty minute circus that includes acrobatic performances, gravity-defying stunts, tons of special effects and elaborate costumes. Mistify is the display of lights and fireworks over the lagoon. The scene is incredible and worth seeing.