Seattle: One of The Best Cities to Travel

Seattle is a bustling commercial city. Popular for a home to some of the biggest names in business and other fields such as Bill Gates and Nirvana. There are a number of activities for a traveler to the city.

You can go for mountain bilking or can enjoy the local cuisine in a restaurant. Seattle is home to some of the biggest names in business such as Microsoft and Boeing. You can see many new buildings with interesting architecture in the city.

Seattle has a plenty of places to visit. Some of the most popular spots in Seattle to visit is the Pioneer Square, The Pike Place Market, The Myrtle Edwards Library, The Seattle Art Museum, Seattle Aquarium, Seattle Public Library and Seattle Waterfront Garden.

In the Pioneer Square there are many shopping centers and art museums. It’s a perfect place for shoppers as well as art enthusiasts. Equally exciting is shopping at the Pike Place Market. Seattle public library has one of the largest collections of books in America.

Seattle offers plenty of opportunities for recreation. There are a great number of very beautiful parks in the city such as the Kerry Park; it offers a splendid view of the Seattle skyline.

There is the Olympic National Park where you can indulge yourself in various recreational activities here. The park also offers the soothing view of the lush green scenery. There are other good parks in the city like the Golden Garden Park.

Seattle is also famous as the coffee capital of the world.  Some of the famous coffee shops there are the Starbucks and Best and Tully’s.

For travelers there are many facilities. There are many tour operators in the city which will take you to the best locations of the city.  You will find the underground tour very interesting. If you want to take a tour of the Seattle’s coast than you can take tours offered by the cruises. Seattle is also the place where the famous Grunge movement began.

Seattle today is a bustling city. You can find here a mixture of high-tech industries and consumerism. The city has a lively living style.



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