Scandinavian Holiday

royalpalacecopenhagen Scandinavians are not bound by any political bond that may tend to get fragile. The bonds that they share are their geographical proximity, and the Nordic tradition, culture and history that they have in common.

These commonalities usually have some addictive qualities for making the bonding endure. The absence of conflicts has given strength to these countries to concentrate on improving the quality of their lives.

Prosperity and pristine natural beauty of these countries have helped them to attract tourists from different parts of the world.

Constituent countries

Denmark: The smallest and most continental of the Scandinavian countries. The royal palace in Copenhagen and Viking museums and burial grounds throughout the land celebrate Denmark’s history.

Norway: Famous for deep fjords, trolls and wooden churches. Norway’s unrivaled scenery offers soft adventure in clean air and pure water of mountains, fjords, islands and coasts. Don’t miss the Northern Lights and the Midnight Sun.

Sweden: It is Scandinavia’s largest country. Enjoy the Swedish design and architecture and indulge in shopping in Sweden’s fashionable retail districts.

Finland: Thousands of islands and lakes attract adventurous visitors to this country. Participate in brave Nordic sport activities like swimming in cold Arctic waters or drive a snowbike across a frozen sea.

Iceland: Famous for spectacular glaciers, geysers, waterfalls and dead volcanoes. Indulge in shopping and have fun.

Traveling in Scandinavia

With inclement weather conditions and delays at airports, air travel could be quite a hassle in Scandinavia where destinations are covered by short or medium-range flights.

A relaxing alternative to flying is to travel by train. It lets you travel all over Scandinavia offering you round-the-clock connections between your destinations. It not only costs less but it takes you through exquisitely picturesque Scandinavian landscapes.

Ferries and cruises

Ferry routes connect Scandinavia and England, the Netherlands, Germany, Poland and the Baltic countries. There are also several sightseeing cruises including a coastal steamer cruise along the coast of Norway and numerous boat trips in the fjords.

Rail travel

Rail travel helps you to cut down your travel expenses around Scandinavia. There are rail journeys specially designed for use in Nordic countries. Rail tracks haven’t yet reached Iceland because of its difficult terrain. Consult Scandinavian Tourist Boards for planning your rail travel.

Bus travel

An extensive network of bus service in Iceland makes this mode of travel very useful since there is no railway network in Iceland.

Information on tourism

A reliable source of information is the Scandinavian Tourist Boards. They provide valuable, practical and general information about the Scandinavian countries and offer advice on travel and accommodation.

Other sources of information are the tourism offices of the five Scandinavian countries.

There are some excellent guidebooks on Scandinavia, the most popular being the Lonely Planet Guidebooks.

Nightlife and entertainment

Scandinavia is famous for its nightlife and clubbing scene. Lively nightlife clusters around the city centers of all major cities where you can relax in low-key bars and enjoy your drinks. There are also glamorous clubs offering live music from jazz to rock and classical. Alcohol is not served after 2 in the morning.